Crazy Chicken Review: The Chickens May Be Crazy, but the Gameplay Isn’t

The premise of Crazy Chicken is a prime example that you shouldn’t just go around cemeteries and take selfies in the dark – bad things could happen to you. Of course, the chickens in the game learned about it the hard way and now it’s up to you to control Odd and his brave team of chickens to ensure that the kidnapped chickens get to see the selfie photo they’ve taken.

A game of patience


At first glance, Crazy Chicken may seem just like your ordinary puzzle game that’s spread out into numerous levels, with each level unlocked in succession. Well…that’s actually how the game really progresses. The early levels will serve as tutorials for you to grasp the gameplay mechanics, which are really not that hard to understand. Each level is played out in a field separated by grids and typically populated by caged chickens, gold coins, a switch, an exit, and, of course, lovable enemies.


You can simply tap on any of the grids and your character will automatically run towards it, but you can’t exactly control which path they will take. This is especially dangerous when you’re immediately going for far-off grids – it may cause your character to inadvertently bump into enemies. The goal is to free the caged chickens, hit the exit switch, and head for the exit, while making sure not to enter an enemy’s line of sight. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, really. All you need is to be observant and be patient before moving around. The option to zoom out is also a big help, too, especially since levels aren’t presented in a complete top-down perspective.

Meet the gang

screenshot_2016-09-15-12-14-29Before each level, you’re given the chance to purchase items that can help you out in the level, like an invisibility cloak and a rocket booster. But if you don’t want repeatedly wasting your gold coins in these items, you can focus your resources in unlocking the other chickens. All of the unlockable chickens have abilities that correspond to the aforementioned items, like a chicken automatically equipped with rocket boosters. Unlocking them, however, require gems instead of the more easily obtainable gold coins. Each chicken is useful in different levels, depending on the setup, so if you want to have a specialized chicken for every scenario, then by all means unlock all of them as soon as possible.

Chicken boosters


To add more depth to the gameplay, Crazy Chicken allows you to customize each of your chickens. First and foremost, you can enhance their walking speed because, really, it can sometimes get on your nerves how slow they move around. And the timer – which gives you bonus points if you complete a level before it depletes – isn’t exactly helping you calm down. Chickens that have pre-equipped abilities can also raise the effectiveness of their abilities. Of course, you can simply pick a favorite and focus on maxing out that chicken, but a little diversity goes a long way in this game.

Farming opportunities


Levels can seem a bit slow-paced, no thanks to the chickens’ draggy walking speed, even with upgrades, so it can sometimes be a hassle to farm for resources. Fortunately, the game also has a bonus level, called the “Reward World”, where you can further farm resources for use in upgrading your characters. The downside is that it’s not always available and you’d have to wait set time intervals before you can dive in again. But if you play the game for only a couple of hours per day, then you’ll barely notice the cooldown time, so to speak. Actually, Crazy Chicken is best played as casually as possible, because you don’t want to burn through the levels too soon.

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