Northern Game Summit 2016: The Annual Congregation of Entertainment


The Fifth Northern Game Summit accumulated a number of 700 experts and students from the game industry in Kajaani, Finland on 5th-7th October. Every year, NGS is formed into an annual event for networking between the Newcomers and the Professionals of the game development trade. It provides a complacent atmosphere for everyone to communicate and expand their contacts while learning about the latest innovations in the industry.

During this 3-day event atendees were able to enjoy various activities, from ice-breaking to business meetings. Other activities included keynotes with speakers like the founder of Tru Luv Media, Brie Code, and founder of Kolapsia Games, Alex Camillieri who shared their own context of gaming. Not to mention, graphics and art presentations were also part of this year’s games summit.

Our very own CEO of Forest Interactive, Mr Johary Mustapha came into sight of Hall 2, alongside Nils Brolin and Teddy Florean to answer several questions on games circulation and marketing. An eye-opening experience for newbies needed insight on this growing and competitive industry.

The entire summit ended with a resourceful panel discussion about the developing role of a game publisher. In a nutshell, Northern Game Summit 2016 was a fruitful journey for all the present. More thorough event information can be acquired at

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