6 Mind-blowing HTML5 Games for 2016

Games are a vital part of every life these days. In fact, it is the best companion to kill boredom. Some games are too much addictive that people spend hours playing them. Here is a review of some top and most stunning HTML5 games that are ruling the gaming world at the time.

1. Sand Trap

Sand Trap is an obscuring hurdle game and is badly addictive. The objective is to collect the sand into a bucket. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

There is a cube that can rotate about its axis, and it traps sand inside it. There is kind of a puzzle or hurdles you can say, inside the cube, containing dispersed sand particles. You have to overcome all the difficulties by rotating the cube. Making your way to the only opening in the cube, you have to pour the sand in the bucket kept exactly under the cube. As you progress, the difficulty level enhances, and the game gets more puzzled as compared to the beginning levels.


If you keep all the sand particles accumulated, you will rock the maze. Once the sand gets dispersed, then you will just keep on rotating the cube. Moreover, you have to synchronize the opening of the cube with the bucket opening; otherwise, you are simply ruined! So spin it and fill your buckets.

2. 2048

What else could be more addictive than 2048? It is a math-based game that employs simple addition. But this simple is mostly replaced with complex if you are not judging the upcoming patterns.

There is a 4×4 matrix in which 2s and 4s appear randomly. One can use the move buttons to shift the cells. When similar digits overlap, both the cells get merged, adding the numbers of the individual cells. As you progress through the game, the cells get higher and higher numbers. If you sum all the cells to 2048, you are the champion.

One of the useful strategies is to keep the higher cells (by numbers) closer to each other, and not to mix with lower cells. It will keep the lower cells separate and merge them with the upcoming 2s or 4s. Another HTML5 game, Prism, by, also works on the same concept.


This game is taking the gaming arena like a storm and has got excellent reviews. But, don’t play this game during work, as there is no stop to this game! It will not let you accomplish your job sooner. So move it and set off to 2048!

3. is one of the finalists of the TIGA Awards 2016. This game is the accurate visualization of Majority is Authority.

It is a swallow-the-bubble kind of game in which you enter the game as the minor bubble. Your bubble keeps on moving, and you cannot stop it, so you have to be vigilant. There are several sparkling and protruding stars spread over the board. You have to roam about and swallow those little stars (or points) to grow bigger.

Other than these stars, there are several other bubbles, either smaller or larger than you. You can also swallow the bubbles that are smaller in size than your bubble. So the boss rocks the party and eats the minor ones. You can escape from the bigger ones by dodging them. But most of the giants are moving in cascades, and it’s tough to run as they surround you. The real fun begins when you grow the biggest one and are rocking the show.


The game interface is quite colorful. Sometimes, the game turns out to be a battle among countries as the bubbles get cascaded. But you cannot put your hands off the game as its v catchy. So swallow the bubble and be the Boss!

4. Missile Game

Ever watched that famous TV show Hole in the Wall? This game is all the same. It isn’t like shooting missiles at the opponent, as the name suggests. In fact, the bot itself is the missile.

You have to propagate forward in an elongated pipe-type structure. As you begin, your speed starts to increase slowly. As you proceed, s ring-like obstacles occur on your way that you have to mind. But these barriers, with small openings, are rotating, and you have to escape through the holes (any shape they might be). If you fail to pass through the barrier and strike the obstacle, the game starts from the beginning.


The game is all about judgment. You have to target the spot where the spinning opening occurs when you reach the obstacle. Black and white colors provide a very simple and elegant environment; thus, saving one from deflection due to overloaded colors. The game is rather more interesting if played on a handset and deflecting the handset causes the missile to change its direction. So launch the missile and pave your path!

5.  Tanx

Here comes the best addiction to the battle-lovers. “Tanx” is being used for the word Tanks as the game shows a war-zone where tanks rock the arena. It is one of the best 3D HTML5 games and the graphics are mind-blowing.

As the battle begins, you find yourself driving the tank. You have to search the battlefield to locate the enemy tanks and blow them out. There are several lifelines too. You will find magazines and shield that protects you from the enemy’s attack. One can target the opponent by pointing the cursor at the enemy’s tank and then clicking fire.

However, the moves are rather clumsy. One can move the tank in all the directions, but it’s always confusing to know the face of the tank.  Sometimes, in a try to go forward, you are going backwards, misjudging the front of the tank.


But the graphics are astonishing, and the interface is very friendly. The sound effects support the moves and actions and make you feel as you are experiencing it.

6. Jedi Training

Jedi is the latest version of the Mario game we used to play in the childhood. It’s a treasure hunt in which you have to collect the points on your way.

As the game begins, a superhero is found running in a jungle. The background and the environment are mind-blowing. Trees, lakes, waterfalls and bridges cast an incredible effect. The hero can jump and flip to get more points. You can also use the sword to slash the obstacles like cactus plants etc. that come on your way.


However, the colors of the game are fade, and the player badly feels this missing feature. The colors were meant to be brighter. Even, sometimes you cannot even recognize the point’s location. You will also get confused that whether you have to collect or slash the upcoming item. The color scheme is a bit weak.

But the game is very catchy and will never get you feel bored; just like the Mario game. So grab your sword and set out for Jedi Training.



All of these games are storming the arena these days. Try your favorite game and share your experience with us. Comment about the one you have played and liked or give us suggestions for including other games you think are worth playing.

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