A CSR Story | Making an Impact on Android Mobile Apps Development with Segi University

The technology industry is often poised as the forefront runner of innovation and change. That being said, the innovation and change go beyond just technological. Being a big player specifically in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in Malaysia and Southeast Asia come with more social duties and responsibilities.

A quick overview of Southeast Asia’s global position

In the global eyes, Southeast Asia is a big player on the international scene. Although, despite the region’s rich history and a track record of some of the world’s fastest expanding economies, it’s still often overshadowed by its neighbors. Part of this is because the region is still facing poverty, lack of proper education, unemployment, and many more social issues.

According to a development report released by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for example, “An estimated 36 million people in the region still live below the international poverty line, with almost 90% of these people live in Indonesia or the Philippines”. A digital wave is, however, sweeping across SEA disrupting businesses and ways of living. With this backdrop, we at Forest Interactive, as a technology company are proud to play our part in contributing and providing our support in making an impact and bringing change to the community.

An employee’s perspective on CSR

Hainum and Zeyad with some of the students of the Android Apps Workshop
Hainum and Zeyad (in the middle) with some of the students of the Android Apps Workshop

When it comes to our CSR, our goal is not simply to support CSR initiatives, but to champion them by proactively creating and participating in a lot of events that lead to positive impact in the community mainly in enabling future innovators. For me as an employee at the company, I am proud to be able to participate in some of the many initiatives that the company has developed. All these initiatives aren’t just standalone events but also are embedded in our company values that form a key part of our overall culture.

One of the company’s constant initiatives has been the “Industry Expert Sharing Knowledge” program. This program encourages employees at Forest Interactive to represent the company and reach out to education institutes. One of the aims of this program is to empower the youth to become more qualified and to be prepared to enter and strive in the technology industry.

Android Mobile Apps Development Workshop with SEGI University’s Computer Science students 

Recently, as part of the Creative & Multimedia team, I was proud and honored that I got to represent the company together with my teammate, Hainum. As Senior Android Developers, we got the invitation from the SEGI University Tech Club to conduct a workshop for Android Mobile Apps Development for their Computer Science students.

As the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem is quite broad, personally for me it was quite a challenging process to choose selective topics that can target even the most novice to advanced learners. Hainum and I came up with a brilliant idea to make the workshop more interactive with two live code demos, taking all the students from zero level development until they could create a fully functioning app with some advanced skills as well.

We also decided to brief the students about some of the latest and trending technologies that we use in Forest Interactive, like the new Android development programming language “Kotlin” and the new serverless architecture using Firebase.

Forest Interactive team with some of the students who has completed their Android Mobile Apps Development Workshop
Forest Interactive team with some of the students who has completed their Android Mobile Apps Development Workshop

What was really impressive to me was the warm welcome that we got at SEGI University. The students were also eager and the engagement of the students with our content was outstanding – they did well in following the steps we were showing and asked to-the-point questions, which was a great indication about how much they were really enjoying our content and wanted to know more.

Of course, the fun part came at the end as we created a competition and rewarded those who caught all the key elements in our live demos, distributing the gifts to the winners. Together with us were also my colleagues from the Corporate PR team, Nana and Sofea who helped both Hainum and me for the preparations as they also managed the arrangement with SEGI University. I was really happy that our magnificent colleague, Emam was also there representing our Video Production team to capture each and every moment, so that we can keep memories of that day. Check out the video below to see how it all went down:

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