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How to Send Business Text Messages to Your Customers


SMS or text messaging is still an effective way to connect with your target market. While sending business text messages is one of the oldest technologies to be used in digital marketing, it still holds some key benefits as a consumer relationship-building tool for companies that others fail to see.

It’s personal, direct, and there’s no risk of your business text message being filed into a spam folder. Also, the open rates are the highest at 98%. Despite that, how can we assure that a patron would continue to be happy receiving your SMS messages? Here are the things you need to take note of when sending business text messages.

1. You Only Have 160 Characters.

How to send business texts

If you thought you had more, that’s because SMS applications don’t block you from typing when you use them up. Instead, it lets you continue and charge you with the number of text messages your characters use up. Be careful and deliberate when sending bulk SMS to avoid expenses from spiking. You’ll be charged for the equivalent of two messages once you go past 160 characters, even if the total is just 161.

When business texting to large groups in your contact lists, take extra caution because there’s no changing it once sent. Devise, edit and review your SMS marketing campaigns.

2. Gain Consent Before you Send Business Text Messages.

2. Gain Consent Before you Send Business Text Messages.

The business era has moved beyond the times when farming or buying contact information from the internet or agencies was common practice. It’s also very much frowned upon. Buyers also have more influence over brands and are loyal to those that respect their privacy.

Best practice when you want to keep your customers up-to-date is to simply ask them for their email address or mobile number. Do this via your website, social media page, or through your friendly cashier.

3. Always Give Your Customers the Option to Unsubscribe.

3. Always Give Your Customers the Option to Unsubscribe.

B2C text messages are advised to have a Stop message at the end of each one.  This notifies the receiver that they can opt-out of receiving your texts at any time. It can be as simple as “Text STOP to [business hotline] to opt-out.” It can be a separate text sent right after your original or attached at the end as part of the 160 characters to minimize costs.

Get a shortcode to be your company’s number to send business texts. Not only does it keep your Stop note short, but it’s much easier for customers to memorize and reach you via SMS or a phone call for any issue. You’d even get wonderful feedback to be proud of or help your business improve.

4. Keep Your Text Messages Casual but Professional.

Confused? It simply means be relaxed and communicate just as how you would with family and friends. Your consumers want to receive text messages that are informal, not a message that feels like a work email, especially in their free hours.

Your brand is meant to be an answer to a problem, whether it’s an energy boost or a catalog of products to keep their minds off their job in their spare time. They don’t want to feel stressed and associate you with their boss or the kind of hard-selling salesman they close their doors to.

5. Use Abbreviations Wisely in SMS.

Take into account your niche, brand personality and target market. For example, a crafts store wouldn’t need to hesitate using “DIY” with an American craft enthusiasts market because of its commonplace use. However, you wouldn’t want to use “LOL” or laugh out loud with generations older than millennials to be safe.

Some should be avoided, usually those categorized as internal or industry terms that your employees would know but your patrons wouldn’t, similar to “FIFO” or first-in, first-out. Others have swear words or offensive language such as WTF, which should be avoided to retain the professional impression. If you’re switching from email to SMS writing, keep in mind the differences in rules.

6. Show Emotion in Your Text Messages

How To Send Business Text Messages Show Emotion in Your Text Messages

Because you’re expected to sound like a familiar human being, people enjoy reading emotion when they receive a text message. Have a clever writer do this to ensure you convey it distinctly or, for small businesses without the budget to have a regular copywriter yet, be yourself. This applies when you are your own brand persona.

Remember that some thoughts aren’t easily interpreted the same way as intended when in writing compared to face-to-face interaction. Read and re-read the drafts in different ways to make sure it’s not misunderstood before sending business SMS. Another trick is to add emojis.

7. Be direct.

When texting about a special offer, it’d be safe to start with that to immediately get attention. One instance is “20% OFF ON ALL LADIES’ WINTER WEAR!” It’ll catch their attention immediately, which will increase speed of open rate.

However, if you actually don’t have an offer, don’t make it sound as if you have one. Try it and you’ll quickly have more opt outs. Always be honest with your buyers since their trust in your brand is why they gave you their phone number. Trust and respect are the foundations for all relationships, even between company and patron.

8. Utilize Complete Uppercase or All Caps in a Planned Manner.

Another benefit of SMS messaging is that it’s acceptable to use capital letters when done smart. It also maintains the informality. The words or phrases these would apply to change over time but currently, it works with “FREE” or “SALE.”

You also get to catch their attention and emphasize the most important part of the text, usually what the receiver stands to benefit. Maintain it only for a few words to avoid it from looking like an eyesore or give the impression of being yelling all throughout. Feel free to edit before you send text messages and test what’s more effective.

9. Keep Your Text Messages Signatures Short.

Remember the 160 characters we mentioned at the beginning? This puts some constraint on the signatures, unlike with emails. Plus, without the same formatting features, the long versions don’t look as appealing but cluttered. Instead of putting a full name, stick to the first name.

Also, forget the contact info, the position and complete business name to save on characters. Signing off needs to be as simple as a dash (-) or a single word like, “Love,” followed by the name. Remember to be consistent as in the first name in the emails. If you opt to use a different name, use a similar brand persona that appeals to your target market.

10. Do More Than Selling.

Greet them during their birthdays, if they give you this information, and on important national celebrations, namely the winter holidays, New Year’s Eve, spring break, and Black Friday. Also, thank them for customer anniversaries. That means from your first record of when they purchased from you. It shows they matter to you and you’re not simply after making a sale.

Send them links to important pieces of content or those you know they’d like. A new blog post or a free downloadable ebook would be a great source of information. It’s reciprocity. They do business with you and you give a token back so customers don’t feel like it’s one-sided and consider your business as if it were an actual friend.


Does this sound great but still wondering when it’d be appropriate to start? It actually is now, while few competitors are using this. Begin forming a personal relationship with your customers so when the marketing strategy becomes crowded, they’d likely be more loyal to you. For assistance on setting up the right SMS framework, contact us at or read more about our services here.




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SMS Marketing Services for Businesses to Save Expenses


There are many business expenses that you can actually pull down, as long as you know the best possible ways to do it. One of these big business costs is missed appointments, and you can surely decrease it using SMS marketing services.

The best SMS marketing messages can help you decrease the number of missed appointments by simply reminding invitees to come, or by compelling them to do so. That could greatly reduce wasted cash, time and effort on your end, especially on preparing for an appointment which people only miss.

Making people come can assure you of having the revenue or benefits you want, thus avoiding wasted expenses through the process.

Knowing How SMS marketing services can help your Business save Cash

One of the best ways for your business to save cash is by knowing how to reduce missed appointments, and that’s surely attainable with the help of a reliable SMS messaging platform. It can help you through these two possible ways:

Attract People to Come to the Scheduled Appointment

Sometimes, people think they don’t need your services, products or some other offers anymore. Thus, they don’t think it’s necessary to meet with you.

Of course, you can’t simply let it pass, without doing your part on luring them to actually come. And that’s a basic marketing principle. `

That’s when SMS marketing platforms could help you.

It could help you craft customized SMS messages that could make people come to your scheduled appointment. The best SMS marketing services could be incorporated with your superb copywriting techniques so you can increase the chances of people to meet with you.

Simply Remind People about the Schedule

There are many instances when people really want to meet with you, but they forget about it or they’ve gone too busy during the day. Thus, you can consider choosing between SMS marketing free or paid services, which could help you send reminders to your invitees before the appointment.

This way, you can easily remind them about the time, date and venue of your appointment, helping them to adjust their schedule for it. This could also make them feel that you really expect them to come, thus triggering their courtesy to meet with you.

In addition, that could also give them a good chance of informing you if they couldn’t make it, so you can cancel your preparation and avoid doing further expenses.  

Find a reliable SMS marketing services for your Business now!

You want to have these advantages for your business so you can save significant expenses. Thus, you should look through some SMS marketing examples, and see which one fit your needs best.

That could help you find a reliable platform that you can use. Moreover, know about some features and deals as well so you can make sure of having one that favors you.

Do you want to reduce expenses from missed appointments? Visit, and check out the best SMS marketing services! Compel people to meet with you, or simply remind them about the schedule ahead of time.

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How to learn SEO in a Basic Way – Part 2 

Learn how to learn SEO – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of “How to learn SEO in a Basic Way”.  In Part 1 we’ve discussed the jargons of SEO and what are the types as well as the practices of SEO. To continue, we’ll look further on the topic starting with the types of SEO keywords. Read on! 

3 Main Types of SEO keywords 

As mentioned in part 1, one of the main roles of an SEO Specialist is to find the right keywords. SEO Keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. Let me introduce you to 3 main types of keywords that you need to know as seen below: 

1) Short-tail Keywords as the name itself, consist of short keywords which generally consist of 1 to 2 words only. A short tail keyword is also known as the head keyword. 

Characteristics: high search volume, highly competitive rate, broad search intent, and low conversion rate .

Short-tail keywords don’t convert well because of the difficulty in matching searcher intent and it’s usually used as a theme keyword that appears consistently throughout your website. 

2) Long-tail Keywordare more specific and consist of 3 to 5 words.  

Characteristics: low search volume, low competitive rate, specific search intent, and high conversion rate. 

One of the most important things you have to know with a long-tail keyword is, when users are making searches using the long-tail keywords, they are usually well-informed and ready to purchase your products or services. 

3) Intent-based keywords work around three basic types of search query: 

  • Informational – Searches performed to answer questions or learn something 
  • Navigational – Searches performed to locate a specific website 
  • Transactional – Searches performed to buy something 

SEO keywords

Having the right keywords in your content is the first step to a successful SEO. Hence, it’s important to check the monthly search of the keywords and in order to do that, you can use paid or free tool and my favorites are SemRush (Paid), Google Keyword Planner (FREE) and Ubersuggest (FREE). 

All of these platforms give access for you to find out the monthly search volume and how common the keywords are being used. The only difference is that for SemRush, you would need to pay for the access and its free for Google planner & Ubersuggest, however, I would personally recommend using SemRush for its comprehensive keyword and competition analysis.  

There are also more keywords research tools you can explore and try. Check out the following: 

SEO image

Now, let’s go through some of the other common questions that people usually ask about SEO. 

Do I need to master technology to be qualified?  

Well, the scope of technology is huge and so is the scope of SEO. Those who master SEO make big bucks. To be a master, of course, takes a lot of time and experience but it all starts with learning how to use the essential tools for SEO.  

Do I need to be smart?  

You just need to be smart enough to know that this is what you want to pursue and all it takes to begin your journey afterward is to actually learn SEO.  

How can I become an SEO specialist?  

If you are really interested to venture into the field of SEO, get familiar with the tools and platforms around and your skills will surely grow based on your efforts and training. This article offers some basics of SEO however, as shared, the scope of SEO is huge. Do your research and read more about it, there are also a lot of videos available online that can help you know more how to use SEO tools. Take the time to participate in training or seminars as well and always keep yourself updated with the latest trends in digital marketing.

P.s. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list! We share the latest in the mobile tech industry and digital marketing as well through our news and articles. And if you ever need more help implementing SEO best practices to your business, our performance-based marketing platform, Elfo is here!

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How influencer marketing changed brand advertising

How influencer marketing changed brands advertising

Promoting a brand online has deeply evolved during the last few years. On one hand, the power of social media totally transformed marketing strategies. On the other hand, consumers are more independent and do not believe in the traditional ads that much anymore. Consumers tend to trust third parties that seem to be more authentic and close to their customers or followers. Influencer marketing is the term for this new trend.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who built a community of followers in a particular niche and who is able to affect their behavior or decisions by engaging with them and by showing credibility. Many niches are represented and some of them are trending more than others such as beauty, sport, gaming, tech, travel, and lifestyle.

Influencers are a form of media

As technology continues to evolve, marketing strategies are also progressively changing. Not that far long ago,  TV, radio and print were the methods of advertising but now, the internet and social media are the new kids on the block.

Just as actors or models would promote brands in magazines in the 90s, influencers are the fully-fledged media rep who took over on different kind of platforms. It could be a blog, a YouTube channel, an Instagram or a Facebook account for the most popular, and the list goes on much longer. There are also Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok…The number of new media is endless and you don’t have to be a celebrity anymore to attract crowds online. The silliest thing is, even animals can! You don’t believe me? Have a look at Loki’s Instagram account that has 1.8 million followers!

Furthermore, influencers are much more than just another media platform for promotions. If we take the example of the tech industry, many influencers became experts in the field, able to test new technologies, sometimes even before their official launch. Getting the insights, tutorials, pros, and cons, etc, are all what consumers often look for and influencers are able to offer them.

How influencer marketing changed brands advertising
Lewis Hilsenteger is a tech reviewer on the Youtube channel called “Unbox Therapy” counting over 13 million subscribers

How influencers changed the advertising world?

Consumer behavior changed

The modern consumer is independent and wants to discover a brand by himself or to hear about it from someone he trusts. Hence influencer marketing became a very efficient way to promote a brand. An influencer has the ability to make his audience buy a product, visit a website or follow a brand. In fact, 70% of teen subscribers think that YouTubers are more reliable than celebrities and 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising (Source:

Influencer marketing blows statistics

The best advantage of working with influencers is being able to target precisely the right audience for your brand, which is the most important factor to convert a promotion into sales.

According to an infographic created by One Productions, influencer marketing can generate up to 11 times the ROI of traditional advertising. A mind-blowing statistics for advertisers. More than that, influencers are also considered as reliable as friends. The same infographic claims that 88% of customers trust online reviews by strangers as much as they would trust a friend.

Remember Loki, the Instagram dog star we were talking about earlier? GoPro partnered with the wolfdog to promote an Instagram meet up and got almost 90k likes on a single post. How awesome is that?

How influencer marketing changed brands advertising
Loki, a wolfdog star of Instagram

How to choose the right influencer for your niche?

Targeted audience

As influencers only relate on specific topics, the hardest part of influencer marketing is to find the right ambassador for your brand. Working with an influencer with millions of followers interested in new technologies might not be the best choice for your flower shop.

Macro VS micro influencers

It would be tempting to collaborate directly with the biggest influencers to reach the maximum audience in one shot. Although engagement tends to be decreasing while the followers increase. The influencers with the biggest followership also tend to reach out to their community lesser and rarely engage with them personally.

How influencer marketing changed brands advertising
The decrease of likes and comments with a bigger followership

On the other hand, micro influencers have a better rate when it comes to ‘reach’ and ‘engagement’. They are usually more loyal and trustworthy. And you would probably need to work with several micro influencers in order to achieve your sales target.

Big tech brands often use the micro-influencers strategy for their marketing campaigns, such as Microsoft or Adobe (Source:

Authenticity and credibility

Having hundreds of thousands of followers is not enough to be a good influencer. Especially after a few scandals revealing that famous influencers did pay for fake followers, fake likes or fake comments to increase their audience and engagement, and negotiate better deals with brands. Others were found guilty of promoting brands that they did not even like just because they were paid for it.

Overall, building online followers take time and keeping people’s trust is an every day’s responsibility.

Forest Interactive works with influencers

Forest Interactive fully embraces influencer marketing. We are collaborating with influencers all over the world, especially for one of our products, Wallet Codes, which allows the purchasing of Steam codes through mobile credit. Our target audience is gamers and we have discovered amazing influencers in the field and have selected a few of them to partner up with us, always with great results like below and more to come as well!

Yunni from Taiwan

Momo Chan from Indonesia

Lorelyn Faith from the Philippines

Mythica from Pakistan

TNT Dota 2 from Myanmar

Working with influencers has allowed us to bring awareness and trust to our products. Wallet Codes is now known to be the easiest and safest way to redeem Steam Wallet codes via mobile credit.

P.s. Check out our new spinoff, Elfo if you want to start trying or improve your influencer marketing. We can help 😉

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Programmatic Advertising 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Better targeting with Programmatic Advertising

The enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last month may have caused such a whirlwind shift in Europe as it is a European Union regulation on data protection which practically touches every aspect of data but, marketers in the Asia-Pacific region are on the verge to tap into the potential of programmatic advertising and many are working on new approaches and solutions that would use the GDPR as a reference and precautions.  How does the GDPR even relate to programmatic advertising? Have you even heard about programmatic advertising?

Over the years, the processes and methods of carrying out advertisements have evolved. We’ve seen improvements from the traditional advert method of billboards, newspapers, posters, to the use of TV and radio. Then to the digital & internet age we are in today – where ads are on the web and across different devices reaching about 4 billion internet users through estimated 47 billion webpages.

The pursuit of having a more effective process in digital advertising is what gave rise to programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising has proved itself to be a smart and intelligent option in digital ads. It has taken over 70% of the whole digital ads spending last year and it’s projected to increase drastically every year.

So, What’s Programmatic Advertising All About?

Simply put, it means automatic advertisement. It’s the automated process of getting an advert placement and optimizing the advert to the target audience via the internet. This avoids any ineffectiveness that might arise if it were done by a human. Does it mean that humans are not involved?

Well, it depends. Humans aren’t involved in the process of buying and selling the ad spaces. However, for determining the target audience and setting bids for ads, humans are the brains behind it. Suffice it to say that it doesn’t totally get rid of humans, but actually help them to further navigate and ease their digital advertising execution.

Ameet Ranadive defined programmatic advertisements with 3 important words – automation, effective targeting and personalized ads.

Automation: the process of buying and selling ad placement which is done by machines. They do the meeting and negotiation.

Effective Targeting: the data and advertisement tags of your target audience, is used to decide the right time and platforms where your audiences are efficiently engaged.

Personalized Ads: based on the data of the audience you have, you can customize your ads to fit just what they want.

In other words, programmatic advertising is all about effectiveness in doing online ads and campaigns. If data and tags are used well, your programmatic media advertisements would have the high possibility of being fool-proof.

How Does Programmatic Advertising Work?

When you click on a link to a webpage, in about 20 milliseconds, six important processes are carried out automatically before an optimized and customized ad shows up on your screen. Before elaborating on the processes, let’s define some key terms used in programmatic advertising.

A publisher is the owner of a particular website who is willing to sell a space for advertisement on his/her website.

An advertiser is a person or company that wants to show his/her product/ service or planning to build his/her brand’s awareness.

A programmatic ad agency is the middle body that helps to organize and optimize your advertisements, they are experts in gathering audience data using artificial intelligence technologies.

Ad exchange refers to the highly automated digital marketplace where ad spaces are bought and sold. They are usually auction based.

An impression is the count of times an ad appears on a website.

An ad inventory refers to the list of advertisement spaces available by a publisher on his/her website.

A Data Management Platform (DMP) manages the data of the audience. The data available is what helps to optimize the advertising to the target audience.

A Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a software used by the advertiser to automatically purchase display, mobile, video and search ad from publishers. It automatically bids for ad spaces

A Supply-Side Platform (SSP) is a software used by publishers to sell ad spaces and impressions.

With all of these terms in place, programmatic advertising works like this;

An advertiser wants an ad to reach a particular audience, the ad is sent to a programmatic ad agency.

The ad agency uses the DSP to automatically set bids and purchase ad spaces from a publisher. For optimization, the DSP uses a DMP to effectively target a particular audience based on the data of audiences available on the DMP.

Whenever there’s a click on any webpage by a user whose data shows a particular line of interest, the publisher uses a SSP to determine which ad from an advertiser shows up in the ad space based on the auction set by different advertisers.

This is called Real-Time Bidding (RTB) which is just a type of programmatic advertising.

What are the types of programmatic advertising?

Asides the one mentioned above, there are majorly two other types. They are:

Direct Programming: due to several fraudulent ad spaces on the ad exchange, many advertisers lose cash. To solve this, a direct method has to be used.

Instead of setting bids on an ad exchange, advertisers or ad agencies relate directly to publishers. This allows transparency and reduces the risk of being defrauded since you know the other party.

Private Auction Sale: this type of programmatic ad is controlled by the publisher. The advertisers that can auction for an ad space is only decided by the publisher.

Why should you invest in programmatic advertising?

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) estimated that the total digital display and video ad market in the Asia Pacific will increase from $14.5 billion in 2017 to $19.0 billion in 2020 and that programmatic’s share will rise from 19% to 36% over this period.

Now, let’s look at 3 main reasons why the programmatic advertising will rise:

  1. Programmatic advertising is cheaper, this is in comparison to other digital advertising methods. Since you’d only pay for ads made to those who need your service/product. You’d also have greater ROI through this digital ad method.
  2. It is very scalable. You can decide to target a larger audience and wider demographic segmentation of those interested in your product /service by going through more websites.
  3. It saves your time. Everything is automated, no calls or meetings or time-wasting processes. Time taken from auctioning to displaying in an ad space is in milliseconds. Plus it gives efficient and measurable results.

If you have not yet run programmatic ads for your brand, now is the time to get into the flow. Programmatic ads have come to stay and it’s with so much potential. It might just be the next breakthrough for your brand.

We’d love to help you with programmatic advertising!

To achieve your programmatic advertising goals, Globe Digital Ads can help your brand reach the right audience at the right time.

You don’t have to worry about your ads or promo campaigns not being seen anymore.

Our programmatic media solutions comprise of:

  • Programmatic solutions
  • Demand-side platform
  • Social Media Ads
  • Install app solutions
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Native Ads

Let Globe Digital Ads improve your reach with the highest level of targeting and optimization available to deliver your digital fundаmеntаlѕ оf brand building for lоng-tеrm ѕuссеѕѕ.


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