An In-Depth Look into the Kre8tif! 2019 App with Chief UI Designer Wasim Latif

The Cyberview Resort in Cyberjaya was home to the recently concluded Kre8tif! 2019. Kre8tif! is an annual gathering of the hottest movers and shakers in the Malaysian tech industry. Organized by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Kre8tif! serves as a venue for start-ups and multi-national business to come together, expand their networks, and share their vast wealth of knowledge.

The success of the event could not have been possible without the official Kre8tif! 2019 app. The latest version of the app allows users to navigate the various talks and demos while at the same time allowing them to learn more about the event’s many exhibitors and speakers.

A Brief History of the Kre8tif! 2019 App

The first inception of the Kre8tif! companion app happened in 2017. The app’s primary features of showcase event’s schedules, speakers’ profiles, exhibitors’ profiles, floor plan, survey, and screening times are features still shown in the Kre8tif! 2019 app.

The Kre8tif! 2018 app provided more customizability by providing users with business-to-business functions like business matching. This helps connects businesses complimentary to each other and help like-minded companies network easier. The Kre8tif! 2018 app also allows users to send and accept/reject meeting invitations.

The latest incarnation, the Kre8tif! 2019 app, allows users the former functions while at the same time giving them the all-new chat function. The chat function allows event attendees to communicate with other attendees faster. The Kre8tif! 2019 app brings together the very best of the 2017 and 2018 versions.

The Kre8tif! 2019 app was a joint project with Kre8tif! and Forest Interactive and the success of this app is thanks in part to Forest Interactive’s chief UI Designer, Wasim Latif. Wasim takes time from his busy schedule to tell us more about the Kre8tif! 2019 app as well as the state of the app world.

Forest Interactive’s chief UI Designer, Wasim Latif

Could you give us a brief background on the Kre8tif! 2019 app?

The Kre8tif! 2019 app was built in partnership with Kre8tif! 2019 and Forest Interactive. As a regular partner in “Kre8tif!”, Forest Interactive is the event’s official app developer. As such, we have been developing the companion app to the Kre8tif! event for over 3 years.

The app has been optimized for event-goers’ use, allowing them to schedule meetings with other event-goers and speakers. A new function we decided to integrate was the chat function. This allows app users to talk with one another, allowing for easier communication and settings of meetings.

As for the color, we chose purple based of the Kre8tif! logo and palette. We found purple to be the most readable against a white background—the standard for any smartphone today. We kept the design minimal to prevent confusion on the user’s part.

The Kre8tif! 2019 app is optimized for chat, giving users unparalleled access


Another feature of the Kre8tif! 2019 app is the ability to schedule meetings with various exhibitors and speakers of the event

Who among you worked on the app? What were their roles?

As a UX/UI Ddesigner, my role was to create a seamless user flow and user interface designs in the app. From there, our team at Forest Interactive took charge. Besides myself are a team of very capable developers led by Saman Salami, Project Manager—they were in charge of the app’s mechanics. The overall design was led by Yuliana Panjaya, Creative Design Manager.

Can you tell us more of the trends in the app world?

Companion apps for corporate events have been popular in today’s market. People ask for integration now more than ever with the advent of smartphones getting even smarter. These apps are not limited to individual use but are in fact part of the whole ecosystem.

Companion apps allow event participants to schedule their day based on the various talks, exhibits, and forums going on. Furthermore, these apps help event organizers track attendee behavior, performance, and interaction as well as keep track of attendance records.

Does the Kre8tif! 2019 app apply any of these design trends?

I feel like the very integration of the Kre8tif! 2019 app provides proves that we are living up to the demands of today’s trends. People asked for integration, and we gave it to them. We helped them schedule their day, provide them with information about speakers and exhibitors, and even gave the app a chat function.

The feedback function of the Kre8tif! 2019 app aids organizers in tracking the outcome of the event

Everyone can benefit from the Kre8tif! 2019 app. This integration is important because if you linger, you will be left behind.

Forest Interactive is proud to announce that third-party app testers UXTesting Inc. rated the Kre8tif! 2019 app an 8/10 in terms of ease of use.

UXTesting Inc is a US-based, third-party app tester specializing in user experience data solutions. They specialize in user experience solutions for enterprises and are featured on various media sites like Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Tech in Asia.

With such a high mark from such a prestigious testing firm, the Kre8tif! 2019 app is sure to give users a seamless event experience.

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