Being an Intern at Forest Interactive Helps Me to Be the Jack of All Trades


And here’s what I did to become one.

Hi, I’m Adelia Ramadhani, an Event Management & Corporate PR Intern at Forest Interactive. I did my internship for 4 months and, though it was only for a short while, I’ve gained real-world experience and learned the essential skills needed for my future career. While the thought of learning something new could set butterflies in my stomach, it also could make me eager to take up new challenges—be it work-related or non-work-related matters (and the good news is: Forest Interactive is okay with that!). Every day spent at Forest Interactive has not only made me more excited about gaining new knowledge and skills but also groomed me to become the better version of me—the Jack of All Trades.

Prior to joining Forest Interactive, I tend to increase my bits of knowledge in the field that I’m familiar with. It’s always good to be the master of one instead of the jack of all trades. While I still think this is true, working at a fast-growing company such as Forest Interactive required me to be more adaptable and have diverse skill sets. These were needed to crunch a bunch of tasks assigned to me, and eventually, it made me realized that being the jack of all trades wasn’t a bad idea. Multitasked myself throughout the internship period, I’d gone through multiple learning processes of various levels of complexities. Surprisingly, I became more confident and proficient in tackling a wide range of tasks assigned under different circumstances I was exposed to.

Corporate PR Virtual Meeting

I’m not going to discuss on “Jack of All Trades vs Master of One” here because, I guess, you can browse a lot of articles online just by pressing your fingers on the keyboard. Instead, let’s talk about the bigger chunk here. While a lot of people have realized the importance of learning something new, we all could agree that it does take a lot of effort. Sometimes, making that effort is a daunting chore. It requires a huge motivation to do so.

Lucky me, at Forest Interactive, the good vibes I got from the people around me had motivated me to keep on learning more. Here’s how I gain more knowledge and learn different things every day at Forest Interactive:

#ContinuousLearning Initiative

In the Corporate PR department, it’s compulsory for all team members to complete at least 12 hours of Udemy courses, and these courses have to be registered on Asana under the ‘Continuous Learning’ project. To begin with, my supervisor assigned me some courses that he deemed essential to me. Along the way, I was given the flexibility to sign up for any courses that I was interested in, and it didn’t have to be work-related.

My Head of Department had always given us appreciations each time we finished a course. This particular good vibes and encouragement had inspired me to learn even more, as I saw everyone was moving forward with their own courses. At times, we discussed what we had learned from the courses and shared the knowledge with each other.

Unlimited Source of Learning

Forest Interactive has always been mindful about their talents’ personal development. One of the perks of being a Forester was that I could get free and unlimited access to a lot of interesting online courses. Truth be told, this was one of the many benefits that I’m most grateful of throughout my internship journey at Forest Interactive.

These online courses had helped me gained valuable knowledge and skills in many ways. All I had to do was to just pick any topics I was interested in and enrol myself for the course, whenever I wanted to and without having to pay the fees.

Diverse Problems 

As the Event Management & Corporate PR Intern, I was entrusted with various tasks, ranging from planning & managing internal events to maintaining the relationship with external stakeholders and creating content for employee engagement. Through this broad job scope, comes diverse problems—waiting to be tackled. Almost 90% of the problems were new to me, but because I loved challenges, these various problems were one of the extrinsic motivations for me to learn something new every day.

At the end of the day, I’m truly grateful to have the opportunity to spend my internship here. Not only Forest Interactive had helped me bring out the best of me, but also had given me valuable insights of the real-working world and most importantly, I had enjoyed learning many new things and gained a lot from my experience here.

Thank you, Forest Interactive! :)

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