Best Action RPG and Hack-and-Slash Games on Mobiles 2017

Looking for the best action-RPG titles to dive into? There are dozens of really good ones available on app stores, making it extremely difficult to pick which ones are truly worth the time. Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article, we’ll list down seven of the best action-RPG titles on Android and iOS devices. Hopefully, this will help you in choosing which game you will spend countless hours on.

EvilBane: Rise of Ravens

Netmarble Games

EvilBane: Rise of Ravens is one of the most gorgeous-looking action-RPG titles on mobiles, featuring well-detailed graphics on par with games on older home consoles. The story is surprisingly good, which separates it from most action-RPG titles. It doesn’t exactly tell an original story. But the execution makes it interesting enough to keep players engaged.

The main attraction in EvilBane is the fast-paced combat system that leaves little breathing room for any real strategy. Everything depends on collecting the best and most powerful equipment in order to make it past unyielding enemies. Grinders who love hunting for game-breaking equipment will totally dig this game. The auto-battle feature is a huge plus as well. It makes grinding faster and less tedious, a godsend for hardcore grinders.

Ire: Blood Memory


Ire: Blood Memory is another title that boasts top-notch graphics comparable to home consoles. Unlike other action-RPG titles on mobiles, Ire has a slow-paced and deliberate combat system where button-mashing isn’t a reliable option. Every thrust and slash are important in this game. You will need to carefully execute attacks in a timely manner while also paying close attention to enemy movements.

Ire features a stamina bar, which drains every time players execute an attack. Completely draining this bar will render the playable character defenseless on the field, making him vulnerable to incoming enemy attacks until the bar recharges. You need to come up with an efficient attack pattern to make sure the bar doesn’t run out too soon mid-combat. This makes Ire more tactics-based than other action-RPG titles.

HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales

Nexon Company

HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales is a pure hack-and-slash game on mobiles, featuring endless action and a deep character customization that can be a bit overwhelming to newbies to the genre. The game has a handful of character classes to choose from, each with a distinct fighting style. You can blast enemies from afar using a mage or go toe-to-toe with enemies using a sword maiden. The character classes add replay value to HIT.

The premise in HIT is simple: fight through endless enemies and reap the rewards in the form of treasure and experience. The former is the key to more powerful equipment. The latter is needed to unlock offensive and defensive skills. HIT offers a lot of freedom when it comes to customization, forcing players to plan out character builds in advance. Though HIT is easy to pick up thanks to the beginner-friendly controls, mastering the system is another story.

Smashing The Battle

Magic Cube

The action-RPG scene is dominated by titles with fantasy settings, which isn’t really surprising considering swords, axes, and magic spells are the perfect ingredients in a hack-and-slash gameplay. But every now and then, an action-RPG set way into the future pops up to crash the party. Smashing The Battle by Magic Cube is one such title.

Featuring anime-like visuals, Smashing The Battle is set in 2085 and centers on two main protagonists, each with a story to tell. Both characters bring something different to the table, which means two runs is needed to get the full experience. Like many other action-RPG titles, Smashing The Battle has an expansive character customization system, highlighted by the cool-looking alternate costumes players get access to. The gameplay is easy to pick up and the controls are smooth, though the messy interface could use some cleaning.

Dungeon Hunter 5


Dungeon Hunter 5 is one of the most popular action-RPG titles out right now. Developed by acclaimed developer Gameloft, Dungeon Hunter 5 shows how action-RPG is really done on mobile devices. It features a very clean combat interface that doesn’t get in the way of all the action. The controls are superb, too, which makes the game easily accessible to genre neophytes. Obviously, newbies will still need a fair amount of time to get used to all the mechanics.

The character customization is incredibly addicting in Dungeon Hunter 5. You can easily burn 12 hours hunting for the best equipment every day. Gameloft makes it even more interesting by rolling out a well-made story complete with voice-overs. With its combination of replay value, content, gameplay mechanics, and story, Dungeon Hunter 5 easily comes out as one of the most complete action-RPG experiences on mobiles. We really recommend giving it a go first before looking into the other titles in this list.

Eternium: Mage & Minions

Making Fun, Inc.

Most action-RPG titles on mobiles come with on-screen controls, which includes a virtual joystick that forces one thumb to be constantly glued to the screen. This isn’t the case with Eternium: Mage & Minions, however. Released way back in 2014, Eternium is an action-RPG that eschews on-screen virtual controls in favor of more traditional controls seen in classic titles on PC.

Moving around only requires tapping on the screen. This makes traveling a lot easier and more convenient. You don’t need to constantly drag around a virtual joystick, which can be really tiring during 12-hour grinding marathons. Casting spells don’t require button presses, either. Just draw a simple pattern on the screen and watch the magic unfold. It takes a few milliseconds longer to cast spells in Eternium. But you can’t deny that draw-to-cast is a lot more fun than simply pressing buttons.

Compared to the other titles in this list, Eternium is a bit lightweight when it comes to visuals. But the gameplay, which has been fine-tuned over the years, more than makes up for it. Perhaps the best thing about Eternium is that it doesn’t require too much real-money spending, which other action-RPG titles are notorious for. Everything in the game can be earned through hard work.


Rayark International Limited

Implosion is another action-RPG set in the distant future similar to Smashing The Battle. But instead of anime-like visuals, Implosion features console-level 3D graphics. It has one of the most awesome-looking combat interfaces in the genre, perfectly capturing the overall theme of the game. The controls are similar to most action-RPG titles where an on-screen virtual joystick is coupled with a number of virtual action buttons. Battles are smooth and seamless, courtesy of the friendly controls.

The game has a deep character progression and customization system. It is up to you to decide which weapons and parameters to prioritize. The difficulty isn’t really punishing a la Dark Souls, so feel free to experiment with character builds depending on your play style. No need to pore over the customization system like a maniac. Just play through normally and enjoy the game. Be sure to play with headphones or earphones on, though. You don’t want to miss out on the excellent soundtrack.

That’s it for our list. There are other really good action-RPG titles on Android and iOS. But in our opinion, these seven titles currently stand out as the best ones in the action-RPG and hack-and-slash genres. Feel free to give them all a try. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up playing more than one because you can’t ultimately decide on a single game.

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