Doing an internship at Forest Interactive

What entering into an internship feels like for a first-timer

One of the most intelligent human being there was ever lived in the planet, Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Indeed, that quote became my motto when I did my internship at Forest Interactive. I came into the internship with only having what I have studied in uni as my credentials, but I know, the real world would be totally different and I was a nervous wreck on my first day. Just like all first timers would feel I believe going into the next phase after university or college.

As a newbie, I also felt that stepping into a technology-based company was quite intimidating. However, it turned out to be like nothing I was expecting. On my first week, all my jitters were immediately gone and I was pleasantly surprised how welcoming the company was. The environment and its people, I should say, instantly made me feel nothing less than right at home. I was startled that I even got a nice welcome from the CEO himself, Mr. Johary Mustapha!

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My colleague, Elaine, me and Mr.Joe during the company’s 2018 Deepavali dinner celebration

My experience doing an internship at a technology company

With over 23 nationalities, it was an amazing experience to be able to work with such a diverse team. Coming from a communication studies background, for my internship, I had the privilege to intern under the Corporate PR department. My team alone were made up of people from different countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, France, and Indonesia. Overall, all of the people at Forest Interactive were so friendly and they treated me just like a real colleague even though I was just an intern. Because let’s face it, some of us would have heard or even experienced the movie clichés of what interns are usually asked to do. But at Forest Interactive, I got to learn a lot and I was mentored to manage some tasks and responsibilities that helped the team mainly on content creation and research. I was also assisting the team on some events and got the exposure on how to manage events and coverage for exhibitions and conference. I particularly enjoyed that I got to join the Level Up KL 2018 Conference and I even got to Discover Where Developers Explore New Technology In Games

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Me with the whole Corporate PR department team during one of our team lunch outing

What it is like at Forest Interactive

All in all, I truly enjoyed my three-month internship at Forest Interactive. I was amazed at how professional and focused everyone were when it comes to their duties, but they were all also a bunch of great people to have fun with. The company is active in organizing many activities that foster bonds among colleagues from the International day and festive celebrations to eating together during lunch. The company also provides free lunch meals for everyone! EVERYDAY! All of this show how the company goes beyond the expectations in taking care of its employees. I am thankful for the opportunity and to have been able to be part of the team. I will surely miss all the team spirit. The learning experience I’ve gained during my internship at Forest Interactive is now one of the most priceless moments in my life.

I sincerely would like to thank the CEO, Mr. Johary Mustapha for the chance to have me as an intern at this amazing company and to Ana Rahman, my supervisor, you have been nothing but the best teacher and supporter during my internship. Also to my beloved Corporate PR Team, thank you for the amazing friendship and guidance you all have thought me since day one. Lastly, thank you to all Forest family for the unforgettable experience!

Apply for your internship at Forest Interactive

For those who are interested in doing an internship at Forest Interactive, you may apply HERE. My advice, stay calm and be ready for the adventure ahead! Focus on what you’ve applied for and always be prepared to learn something new. An internship is the most important stage of preparing yourself to enter the real professional working life, and you must grab every opportunity that comes in front of you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because an internship is all about learning and practicing so there are no right or wrong during the period. It is all about learning!

I’ve also asked my other fellow interns (whom I also called my sisters) during their internship with the company and here’s what they’ve got to say!

Interns of Forest Interactive
From left; Fareha Syuhada, Elaine Leaw, Nur Izzati and myself. Sisterhood forever!

P.s. Watch out world, women in technology is getting stronger! 😉

Internship testimonials

Fareha Syuhada, Admin and Human Resource Intern

Intern at Forest Interactive

Share your experience during your internship at Forest Interactive:

  • I learned a lot about HR roles and responsibilities. I had a supportive supervisor and team members. I loved the free lunch and the department outings.

Tips on doing an internship at a tech company:

  • Show them you’re a self-starter. Be able to work independently and always hand-in tasks given on time. Try to adapt and learn how to work with the systems or technologies used by the company to perform day-to-day tasks and try to find your place in the organization. Develop a good relationship with other employees as you might spend most of your days in the office especially when you are stuck with meetings.

Advice to others:

  • Look for the opportunity to learn. You might not receive tasks everyday so there is a time that you need to ask your supervisor or team members in the department if you can help with anything. Learn to create better communication with other employees. At Forest Interactive, we are provided with lunch and that is the time for everyone to get together at pantry and have a casual chit chat.

Nur Izzati, Marketing Intern

Intern at Forest Interactive

Share your experience during your internship at Forest Interactive:

  • An internship is an opportunity to test drive a career and I was able to independently work on few tasks while learning from the experience and expertise of the staff. I’ve acquired a good knowledge in the marketing field that mostly have relations with the company’s core business. To name a few, I’ve learned about BillyMob ( Billy Performance Network ) that operates exclusively in the mobile arena and tech industry, top communication companies details for more than 30 countries and had an experience to assist content uploader who were based in the Indonesia’s office to create video thumbnails/icons for Zeptolab: Om Nom Series

Tips on doing an internship at a tech company:

  • Be adaptable and think about the big picture

Advice to others:

  • If you want to discover something new and special, do come here to get the experience of working in a fast-moving environment

Elaine Leaw, Data Analyst Intern

Intern at Forest Interactive

Share your experience during your internship at Forest Interactive:

  • It was a friendly and diverse working environment for me. It was also challenging and a fast-paced work which I appreciated because I learned a lot especially on the process of implementing strategies for new projects.

Tips on doing an internship at a tech company:

  • Time management is important and be open minded. You need to think outside the box! Communication is also key.

Advice to others:

  • Try to stay on your toes always in order to accept new materials/facts as quickly as possible. Learn to be independent in managing given tasks.


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