Fun in the Sun: Forest Interactive Holds its Annual Team Building

The picturesque island of Langkawi hosted this year’s Forest Interactive team building. The annual excursion is a gathering of all Forest Interactive employees in Malaysia and serves as a venue for both the company and its individual employees to grow, share experiences, and learn from one another.

The event was held on 12-13th July 2019, at Tanjung Rhu Resort and featured this year’s theme of “Tropical Pineapple.” Employees from different walks of life came in their resort best as they gathered for 2 days of fun under the sun featuring outing favorites like the Forest Race and Forest’s Got Talen 2.0.

While choosing the tropical pineapple as a theme for this year’s company trip might confuse some, the meaning behind the metaphor is very clear to Forest employees. The pineapple is a plant that culminates when over 200 flowers work together to form a single fruit. Each of the individual flowers working in unison to form a succulent jewel. No fruit—or object in nature—is a better example of teamwork. And that is the goal of this team-building trip.

As large a melting pot as Kuala Lumpur is, this diversity is best represented by the employees of Forest Interactive. The company prides itself on a workforce built on different nationalities, races, backgrounds and ages. It is because of this diverse workforce that the company has established itself as a leader in the tech field.

But because of the various backgrounds of each employee, the company acknowledges the importance of a unifying event to allow employees to blow off some steam while at the same time working with people they don’t interact with on a regular basis.

Run, Forest Run 

On the morning of Friday, 12 July, Foresters arrived in Langkawi after an 8-hour bus ride from Kuala Lumpur. There, they were welcomed with a sumptuous breakfast as well as their room assignments. From there, a day of activities was kicked off by opening remarks from CEO and fearless leader, Johary “Joe” Mustapha. After which, the Forest Race started.

In the Forest Race, employees were split into different teams to compete in a gauntlet of skill and strategy. Each game involved cunning, teamwork, and cooperation—skills all emphasized in Forest Interactive’s diverse workforce. In addition, everyone got the same opportunity to volunteer as the team lead.

Forest Interactive employees giving it their all in this year’s Forest Race

Team Gray, led by Web Developer Navid Haghshenas, composed of members from various Forest Interactive departments took home the top prize. Team Gray’s victory was a victory for everybody else as a sumptuous lunch was served for everybody soon after.

The Grey Team–composed of Forest Interactive employees from People Ops, CEO’s Office, and Corporate PR–winning this year’s Forest Race


Business at the Beach 

The Town Hall was the next activity on the docket. During the Town Hall, Forest Interactive—led by Joe—showcased its upcoming products and services, giving each employee deeper insight into the company.

Town Hall also gave employees a look into the company status as well as giving them a voice to air grievances. This is the greatest example of transparency within Forest Interactive, allowing employees to raise concerns thus empowering them within the company.

Forest Interactive CEO Johary “Joe” Mustapha leading the company Town Hall.


Forest Night Life

As the packed day turned into a packed night, things were capped off by a world-class BBQ buffet by the beach. Employees were treated to an all-you-can-eat feast as they prepared for one of the highlights of the team building: Forest Got Talent 2.0.

The company talent show showcases the very best in Forest employees outside of the working environment. It allowed employees to step out of their comfort zone and look a bit silly all in the spirit of good fun.

Each department within the company became a team and each team was choreographed a dance number that symbolizes their department. Dances ranged from traditional folk to contemporary, to even a fusion of both. Once all the teams had rendered their performances, the Video Production team and the CEO & Finance Team tied for first place. This resulted in the only way a tie is broken during a dance competition: a battle.

In the end, many laughs were had, jaws dropped, and both teams walked away with the top prize. But during the team building, everybody was a winner and all had a good time.

Finally, on the morning of 13 July, Saturday, Foresters said their goodbyes both to each other and to the beautiful island of Langkawi.  And while everybody may have gone their separate ways, the memories built and the bonds established are proof that Forest Interactive is a true hub of diversity.

Team Video Production rendered a dance number worthy of an Oscar
The Finance and CEO departments merged together to form the perfect dancing machine
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