Forest Interactive Indonesia Family Sharing A Joy with Elders

The article was originally written by Leni Tiarih, team member of Forest Interactive Indonesia. 

As an employee of Forest Interactive Indonesia, we are encouraged to share our talents outside the office. In our company’s many outreach programs, we gain insight into society’s not regularly visited by the youth. One such community is our elderly. Recently, Forest Interactive Indonesia was given the opportunity to visit the Budi Mulia Nursing Home 3 in Jakarta. This experience left an impression on me and I’d like to relate that here.

On one sunny, Friday afternoon, I arrived at the Budi Mulia Nursing Home with the rest of the Forest Interactive Indonesia family. We were welcomed with open arms by both the residents and staff of the home, thus providing a warm, nurturing experience for both the elderly and the Forest Interactive Indonesia family. We are fortunate that, as youth, we are able to spend time with our elderly brothers and sisters to show that we have not forgotten about them. This truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

I am grateful for Forest Interactive for providing me with the opportunity to visit a nursing home for the very first time. This allowed me to break down stereotypes and misconceptions in my mind on what a nursing home it actually is. Traditionally, it is considered undesirable to commit an elderly loved one to a nursing home. We as Indonesians believe that their proper place is with their loved ones at home. We take care of them as they took care of us as children.

Forest Interactive Indonesia Country Head Sharon Maurenn was also present at the outreach

But as I spent time with the Grandpas and Grandmas who lived there, I’ve come to realize that their current situation is far from bad. At the nursing home, all their needs are taken care of. They are fed, clothed, sheltered, and even provided with social activities like this visit to stimulate their minds. This was present in the memorable conversations we’ve had with them.

After which, I’ve come to realize that each family has its own concerns. And one family’s motive for moving their elderly loved one into a nursing home may differ from the one which chooses to keep their relatives with them. In today’s fast-paced world, children grow up and work and may not have time to watch over their relatives. As such, it is never easy to decide to house a relative into a nursing home. However, these days, it is fortunate that our Grandpas and Grandmas found refuge in Budi Mulia Nursing Home 3.

Team members from Forest Interactive Indonesia help out Indonesia’s elderly in painting shopping bags

These elderly loved ones may have all their basic needs covered but affection is something that is constantly needed. This simple act of spending time with them showed our elderly that there are still people that care. These bonds we’ve created are meaningful and memorable.

The nursing home holds a lot of activities like arts and crafts for Grandpas and Grandmas to do. That day, we were helping them paint shopping bags. They enjoy simple activities like this because they are able to show off their artistic talents.

We ended the day by playing music and singing along with them. This trip holds special meaning for us at Forest Interactive Indonesia.  It showed us the value of family and of time and how we should make every moment count.

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