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“Hey! Let’s go to the Gaming Zone!” Probably, it was the most frequent conversation among teenagers in Pakistan almost 10 years back. Gaming Zone was like a chocolate factory for youth at that time. Gaming boosted in Pakistan during this era and took the industry like a storm. PC Gaming was on the boom, and gaming zones started flourishing. Although modern technology killed several gaming zones as personalized gaming enhanced, it gave birth to numerous gaming startups. Unfortunately, gaming in Pakistan was considered to be a mere wastage of time and the environment was not supportive; however, the recent revolution in the gaming industry has transformed the mindset of people. Let’s have a look at how people are setting up new milestones for the gaming world reformation.

Gaming Startups

Mindstorm Studios is a gaming startup that emerged in 2006 and made its mark when its game, Cricket Revolution, was nominated as the official game for ICC World Cup 2011. While Mindstorm was focusing on PC games, the launch of iPhone and Android devices started modifying gaming trends in the industry. People started shifting towards mobile gaming, burying the conventional practice of hardcore consoles and PC gaming. However, this trend was welcomed by the users where casual gamers emerged in a significant number rather than specialized or hardcore gamers.

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Realizing the significance of a bigger market, Mindstorm stepped into iOS and Android development and released its iOS game Whacksy Taxi in 2010 that climbed to the top and became Apple App Store’s no. 1 game in 25 countries. Other startups, such as Tintash, Caramel Tech, Gamestorm, etc. also jumped in to fuel the game development industry. According to a report, almost 51% of the total 222 million population of Pakistan will bear smartphones by 2020, a figure that was just 10% in 2014. It portrays a brighter picture of the growing number of casual gamers empowering gaming market in Pakistan.

Gaming Masterminds in Pakistan

Shahid Ahmed Source: ET

The young generation has contributed a lot to make this industry worth $3 billion. Young entrepreneurs and enthusiasts are strengthening gaming experience in Pakistan. Shahid Ahmed, a billion dollar worth Pakistani player, is one of the top gamers in the world. He won the Develop Industry Excellence Award in 2014 for his unparalleled contributions to Sony Entertainment. He is amongst the top 3 players of the world who won the Gaming Championship in 2015. Another game changer, Sumail, is a 16 years old gamer who made a world record after helping his team won Dota 2 Asian Championship in 2015.

What people like to play?

Apart from casual games, seasonal games are also preferred in Pakistan, such as games featuring political situations or themes like Halloween games. Pakistan is producing mind-blowing innovative mobile games, namely Groopic, Ranger Sniper Shooter 3D, Stick Cricket, etc., and these games have gained international fame.

Pakistani gamers are strongly addicted to Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. These include World of Warcraft, DOTA, Starcraft, Star Wars, etc. However, MMOs usually charge a fee for bringing players together at one platform for multiplayer games. Gamers pay for these games using credit cards or online payment solutions such as PayPal and Payoneer. In Pakistan, the trend of credit card usage is not common. In fact, most of the people prefer cash payments. However, with the boom in the gaming industry, mobile payments are rising. Now, the majority of gamers are favoring payments through mobile credit.

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Wallet Codes is coming to Pakistan!

Forest Interactive, the developer of Wallet Codes, is going to launch its mobile payment solutions in Pakistan. This launch will position Forest Interactive among the pioneers of mobile payment solution providers in Pakistan.

What is Wallet Codes?

Wallet Codes is, basically, an e-commerce platform that lets you charge your gaming wallets using your mobile credit. Sounds interesting? Indeed it is! Well, you can top up your favorite gaming platforms, such as Steam and PSN, using Wallet Codes. Besides Pakistan, the service is also available in 5 other countries at present including Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia as well as the Philippines, and it is embedding its roots in other countries of Asia, the Middle East & North African regions soon, too.

How it operates?

Wallet Codes operates on the principle of direct carrier billing (DCB) that allows customers to charge their gaming wallet credit through their SIM card. The idea behind this service is to bridge the gap between developers and players in certain regions and countries where usage of credit cards is not common, and people look for straightforward payment solutions.

What’s more?

Wallet Codes possesses highly interactive features such as tracking users’ spending habits and checkout experience to ensure credibility and protection from fraudulent transactions. Wallet Codes also features a reward system for referrals and purchases that allows users to gain points each time they make a purchase or refer their code to another user to sign up. Winning these points, in return, enables you to buy Stream or PSN codes.

Aimed to splice the rising gaming demands in Pakistan, the launch of Wallet Codes Pakistan will take place at Telenor Game Bird LAN CLAN, a PC games tournament organized by Telenor Pakistan. Click HERE to know more




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