Google Adwords (Mobile Advertising) 2013

When it comes to the mobile advertising ecosystem

one of the areas that needs significant work is that of metrics and measurement. While legacy metrics such as CPC and CPM make sense to some extent, they don’t fully capture the breadth and depth of user engagement on mobile. As such, new cost-per-action (CPA) metrics and definitions need be developed that everyone in the industry agrees to and advertisers can rely on in order to understand consumer behavior and the return on advertising (ROA).

There has been a lot of discussion around the number of impressions in the industry, but impressions don’t equate to reach. And while such a number is a useful metric to track growth, it can also serve as a distraction

Google Adwords(formerly Admob) is one of the world’s largest mobile advertising networks, and recently bought over by Google for a whopping USD$750mill. AdMob Mobile Metrics offers a snapshot of this data to provide insight into trends in the mobile ecosystem. Will the fast growing smartphone penetration eliminate the fragmentation issues in mobile? Have HTML5 capabilities of top devices in leading mobile markets grown? Is the Long Tail of devices still relevant today? Our new metrics report has the answers.

For this report, we took a closer look at the fragmentation among and within smartphones and their operating systems. In addition, we updated our HTML5 capability test for the top devices in the world’s leading mobile markets, which was so well received in our previous report.