Malaysia’s Telcos Initiatives Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak


The rising cases of widespread COVID-19 have led to the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in many countries including Malaysia. During this period, some of the employees are required to do their work from home while some universities have moved lectures to online learning to curb further spread of the virus and eventually, flatten the epidemic curve.

Over the weekend, Malaysia’s telecommunications companies (telcos)—which falls under the category of vital and essential services during the MCO period—has taken a quick action to meet the internet demand of working from home and encourage Malaysians to #StayAtHome.

Despite the nation being faced with a severe outbreak, these telcos have their business continuity plans in place to ensure vital information can be disseminated to the people in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking during a press conference last Friday, Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said the incentives include unlimited access on calls made to Crisis Preparedness and Relief Centres (CPRC), besides additional lines for the National Security Council (MKN) and the Health Ministry (MOH) to ensure their agencies operate at an optimum level.

Freebies and Offerings

Telcos, Malaysia, COVID-19

While these efforts are to ensure adequate network capacity for critical areas such as clinics, hospitals, police stations, and government offices, employers from other industries can also benefit from these incentives by having continued access to communication services to operate their businesses.

Let’s find out what are the freebies offered by 4 major telcos in Malaysia:



  • FREE UNLIMITED access to WhatsApp (chat, voice and video call) and Microsoft 365 applications from 8am to 6pm daily.
  • Trade unused Internet quota for Boost e-wallet cashback for Celcom Mega postpaid users (valid until June 30).
  • Bill payments extension from the current due date.

Xpax prepaid:

  • FREE UNLIMITED access to WhatsApp (chat, voice and video call) and Microsoft 365 applications from 8am to 6pm daily.
  • EXTRA 6 hours UNLIMITED Internet access (8am to 6pm daily) with the RM2 purchase of Celcom Xpax Ultra Hour pass.
  • 10% CASHBACK for the purchase of Xpax Reload RM10 and above via Celcom Life App (valid until June 30).


Maxis, Maxis Business and Hotlink postpaid plans (available March 27 onwards):

  • *FREE 3GB mobile Internet pass (valid for 30 days) via MyMaxis, Hotlink Flex or MyMaxis Biz apps.
  • FREE data usage for connectivity apps (Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams).

*One-time subscription only.

Hotlink prepaid:

  • FREE 20GB with selected HotlinkMU purchases (available from March 23).
  • 30% CASHBACK credits with digital reloads.
  • Redeem FREE Internet with Hotlink Rewards points. 


*Mobile postpaid and postpaid broadband (except Postpaid Infinite):

  • Redeem additional 1GB Internet data (8am to 6pm daily) via MyDigi app. Free Internet quota will be utilized first before the base quota. 

*Mobile prepaid and prepaid broadband:

  • Additional Internet data and calls with every reload of RM10 and above. Click here for more.

  • FREE UNLIMITED data access for school children to access national curriculum resources (from March 24).
  • RM1 subscription to one-month access for UPSR & SPM curriculum on Classruum via MyDigi app.

MyDigi Rewards:

  • Extended validity until April 30 on selected vouchers.

*Valid until March 31. 



  • Double quota from existing plans until March 31: Unlimited Hero P139 (100GB), Hero P99 (60GB), GX68 (10GB), GX50 (10GB).
  • Unlimited Hero P139 and P99: Add on S20 data-only share line for RM20 per month. Double hotspot quota can be shared with other users who are not in the same home.


  • Renew or activate the GX38 plan for double hotspot data (6GB). Valid for 30 days.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Telcos, Malaysia, COVID-19

While this pandemic of COVID-19 has risen concerns among the people, the situation gives an opportunity for the fast-paced world to take a much-needed break and for people to live in the moment. With these efforts taken by the Malaysian government and telecommunication companies, work and online learning can be carried out from home without interruptions.

As one of the vital and essential industries mentioned by the government, the Telco Heroes—mobile operators and platform providers—are still working both from the service support centres and home to assist people throughout this period.

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