Nana Sagala from Corporate PR Shares How’s #LifeAtForest

Hi, I am Nana Sagala from Corporate Public Relations (PR) Department. I have been working at Forest Interactive for almost 2.5 years. Let me share what do I love from working at Forest Interactive!

Nana Sagala from Corporate PR Department

Get to know us more from these facts about #LifeAtForest, and explore the diversity of our second home:

1. Free Lunch Every Day!
You read that right! Although we are not as big as Google, but we see to it that our employees are taken care of by providing free lunch every day! We are collaborating with SmartBite, and we can order lunch from its app three times in a week. To provide variety and to work on palate preferences, we have two days in a week where we have catered lunches, order from social enterprises or simply have pizza delivered depending on our needs.

2. Flexible Time
Forest people are free to choose to come between 8am to 10am, and leave from 5pm to 7pm. Isn’t it nice?

3. Casual Attire
As a tech company, we can wear jeans, sneakers, and polo shirts. Hoodies are subjective.

4. Hot Desking
At the new headquarters office, we can sit wherever we want. It means new friends every day—work at the swing area, bean bags, massage chair, or at the pantry.

5. Coffee Machine and Free Flow Biscuits
No sleepy day for us! Our cool new office has the best coffee machine, keeping everyone awake in the morning, after lunch, or when they are working late! There are a few flavors that we can choose from (espresso, vanilla, decaf)–it’s perfect with biscuits and crackers.

6. Swing Area!
How many offices do you know that have a working swing set inside? We can have casual meetings there, reply to emails, or just swing to relax and wind down from the busy work day!

7. Private Area
Even though we have hot desking, there are also six private rooms (which we also call as Skype rooms) where we can sit and focus while working on deadlines.

8. International Day
Forest Interactive talents comes from 24 countries across the world. Amazed? Yes, we are diverse! We understand that our people miss their friends, families, hometowns, especially their mom’s cooking. It is not easy living far away from home, but we can bring their hometown to the office! We have a slogan that the office is our second home. Therefore, we celebrate the Independence Day of each nation. We ask everyone to wear clothes based on the country flag’s colors, gather everyone to play their traditional games, and have the authentic food as lunch (free lunch!).

Fun fact – during their job interviews, some of the applicants mention that they have already watched our International Day video on YouTube and Instagram Stories, as well as the pictures on Facebook. They are really excited to be a part of it!

9. Movie Nights
As a treat to our employees and their friends and families, we regularly book whole cinema houses only for us! We have watched the Kingsman and Avengers series!

10. United Nation Days
We are aware that United Nations celebrate certain remarkable dates because there is a reason to build up the awareness. Hence, we would like to do the same. We care about Sustainable Development Goals, and we aim to champion it. Therefore, in some days we organize events and challenges. For instance, Adopt A Plan on the International Day of Forest, giveaway Roses on Women’s Day, do Zumba on World Sport and Health Day, and more to come.

11. Festive Celebrations
In the midst of the diversity, we are not only celebrating Hari Raya and Christmas, but also Chinese New Year, Diwali, and Wesak. Before we moved to the new headquarters office, we used to have dinner or lunch outside the office and celebrate with games and wearing clothes based on the theme. For instance, Aladdin dress code during Hari Raya celebration (the theme was Arabian Night), and Saree during the Diwali Dinner (Be A Bollywood Star).

12. Quarterly Birthday Parties
We celebrate our colleagues’ birthdays quarterly, wherein we call them up on stage and have them blow the candles all together. Appreciating our talents remarkable day is our responsibility.

13. Forest Volunteers
Under the Corporate Responsibility program, Forest Cares, we organize charity events and gather Forest people’s participation, either through donations or time (volunteering to go to the site). Most of our programs are in collaboration with MDEC, such as Level Up @ Schools and Kre8tif @ Schools. We go to schools and do career talks to inspire students to build their career in the tech industry. Another activity we do is collecting donations from our people and buy food and toiletries for the homeless people in Kuala Lumpur.

14. Gala Dinner & Employee Awards
Gala Dinners and Employee Awards Nights do not only belong to big companies. It happens at Forest Interactive, too! We appreciate the hard work of our talents by giving awards! What’s the prize? Last year we gave Air Asia points!

15. We Love Doing Vlogs
Business trips do not sound boring here, because we explore the culture and local food at the same time. Want to know more? Visit our YouTube Channel!

I have listed down 15 points, should I share more? If you are interested to join the team, visit our LinkedIn! Another option, you may take an office tour first by watching our New HQ Office Opening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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