October Mobile World News in a Nutshell: Trick or Treat?


Mobile World News for October seems to have adopted the Halloween Trick or Treat mantra. While Samsung killed it’s Samsung Note 7, Google gets all the hype with its new Pixel phone.  Moreover, while Alipay is expanding out of Mainland China, Twitter is shutting down Vine for good.

The events occurred this month represent the consistent effort on innovation from the top mobile brands. An effort that challenges Carriers and Regulators as they have a hard time to move as fast. However, we start to see how some Network Operators are taking the step into IoT in order to keep up. As events develop, we can expect a shift in the industry that’s worth watching.

On a personal note, October is also a happening month for Forest Interactive: Monster Mountain, one of the games we launched in SEA, has been nominated for the TIGA Awards.

If you are curious to know what other events occurred this October 2016, check below for a recap:




Internet of Things


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