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SEO Marketing Strategy to rank on Google that doesn’t rely on SEO Linking

Do you find backlinks too complicated to implement? Don’t worry, there are 3 powerful SEO marketing strategy to rank on Google without depending too much on linking.

Key here is, you have to learn and maximize the use of on-page SEO, so you can efficiently rank in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Remember that on-page SEO grants you a good amount of control over your site, which you can’t easily have from off-page techniques.

You can even implement these as SEO marketing strategies, so you can have best results for your SEM.

SEO Strategy that will rank on Google

Know 2019 most powerful SEO Marketing Strategy to rank on Google


There are 3 efficient strategies that could help boost your site up to the ranks without relying on SEO linking. In this year of complicated SEO, convenience and simplicity remain some factors you can trust.

Check these best SEO strategies you can implement.

Do Keyword Research

Before anything else, you will need to do the Keyword Research first. Keywords with High Search Volume is your best key to dominate Google SERP.  You will get organic research is a procedure for looking one or more search terms in search engine. Organic Search Results be seen as paginated lists, are based on the relevance to the search terms used by the users.  Where non-organic search results do not filter out PPC Ads (pay per click advertising)

How to do Keyword Research?

To start with, you may use Google Keyword Planner Tool for FREE but you cannot determine the exact number of search volume. Yes, you read it right. You cannot see the exact number because you are using it for FREE. However, if you have an active campaign on Google Ads you can actually see it.

Below are my favorite Tools in Keyword Research:

  1. UberSuggest By Neil Patel
  2. SEMRush
  3. Ahrefs
  5. Soolve 

Make High-Quality Content for your Content Marketing

The Google Hummingbird update flew over SEO, and it requires all sites to have high-quality SEO content to be indexed. You can’t miss it because you need to be indexed by Google before you can start ranking up its SERPs.

Thing is, the quality that Google Hummingbird wants is not just about strategic SEO keyword usage. Having well-written articles is not even enough.

It wants sites to have in-depth quality content about a specific niche. In fact, websites that present info about random stuff tends to have a lesser performance on the rankings.

In addition, aim to establish authority and reliability over your niche, so visitors would see you as a credible source. This means having complete info about certain topics in your niche, so visitors don’t have to check other sites for additional details.

The magical Google could detect such factor, helping your site rank in Google search much easier.

Optimize Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for more Clicks

When talking about title tags and meta description, remember that these are the main elements that show on Google SERPs. The title tag is the link above each search results, then the meta description is the short statement following below.

That’s exactly what makes them essential for any SEO marketing strategy to rank on Google, and you should optimize them to acquire more clicks and visit on your website. Also, note to craft them well, and don’t merely focus on keywords.

You should not simply put your keyword repeatedly on your title tag and meta description and expect to rank on Google, like “SEO tips SEO tips SEO tips”. That wouldn’t give you any good results, simply because people won’t click on it.

Google knows that, thus the search engine shows relevant results that people would want to click; despite of some results not having the exact keyword used in a search. This makes it important for you to optimize your title tag and meta description well, so Google and its users would see it as relevant.

Know about Google Search Console

Google helps SEO specialists in many ways, and one of these is to produce the best tools that people could use for SEO purposes. One of these tools is the Google Search Console, which could help you see the results of your implementation of SEO strategies to rank on Google.

No need to worry, you can get this tool for free.

All you need to do is to sign-up for Google Search Console, and apply it on your website. After which, leave it for few days while it gather sufficient data for analysis.

Once it’s done, you can easily view vital data about your site, like which articles are getting impressions, and the amount of traffic on your pages. This could give you enough ideas about the performance of the SEO strategies you implement, thus letting you know how to rank on Google using the data you acquire.

For example, you can get the keywords of articles that are acquiring a good impression, then use them in making your copies.

Just replicate the SEO strategies that are gaining good results, and know how to improve other aspects. That could surely help you rank up the SERPs.

That’s all you should remember about the most powerful yet easy SEO strategies 2019. Create high-quality content for your niche, optimize title tags and meta descriptions you use, and know more about the functions of Google Search Console.

Want to learn on how to set up Google Search Console and the full technical SEO audit for 2019? Read my article HERE

Try implementing these SEO strategies to rank on Google for your website, and let me know about its results. Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors.

So… are you ready? or do you need help?

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