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The Power of Wholesale SMS Marketing and Landing Pages

Methods like wholesale SMS and landing pages have been relegated due to the recent frenzy towards email marketing, websites, social media, and new marketing methods. However, wholesale SMS and landing pages have a lot to offer businesses in better communication and conversions. Let us learn more about these tools and how to combine them to improve your business. 

The Potential of Bulk SMS/A2P In Improving Your Business

Many people believe that Bulk SMS/A2P is no longer relevant in communication with customers due to the saturation of P2P apps. This is not the case, as there is so much potential in application-to-person messaging. A lot is still being done with A2P SMS, from verification of mobile numbers on registration, use for OTPs and alerts. 

The advantages of using SMS, as opposed to the mobile instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, are numerous, but the tool has not been explored to its fullest. One of the advantages of SMS is its ubiquity. You can reach anyone with a phone number through SMS. Unlike other applications, where your customers, staff, suppliers, or whoever you want to reach might not be registered, SMS does not require registration. 

Mobile phones and its integrated SMS messaging app means you can reach anyone through SMS. That brings us to the second advantage of using SMS. 

SMS popularity makes it great for application registration as users can just use their phone number as their identity and confirm the registration using SMS. Viber made use of this method and recorded more subscribers than its more popular competitor, Skype. Smartphone applications would usually require a username and password. And with multiple usernames and passwords, you can lose your account to a forgotten password. 

Unlike other applications, SMS assures that your communication tool would not crash one day. Applications are owned by individual companies, if the company crashes, your messaging solution will no longer be accessible On the other hand, dozens of mobile phone operators may leave the business, yet, SMS will still exist. 

Some A2P SMS Case Studies.

There is so much unutilized potential in Bulk SMS/A2P messaging for businesses trying to communicate effectively. One of the latest usages of SMS is for remote event triggering. In Germany for instance, some towns are now using SMS to turn on street lights. If you need to walk home at night and the streets lights are off, all you have to do is is send and SMS text to the utility provider to turn on the lights. This helps them save on electricity costs by only turning on the lights when people need it.

Qless also makes use of SMS services to manage queues. You register for a queue via SMS and get alerted a few minutes to your turn. This service means you don’t waste hours of your time. 

You should now have realized that there is so much potential in reaching your customers by SMS. Bulk SMS/A2P messaging services make it even easier for your business. Make bulk SMS a part of your marketing campaign today, and you can be sure you won’t regret it. 

Landing Pages, Still A Great Strategy!

Landing Pages are special web pages businesses use to get information through a lead-capture form. Landing pages are tailored towards a specific audience. You can use landing pages to increase conversions and get information about your audience and what attracted them. This method of digital marketing is, however, underutilized or not used at all.

You might wonder as to the reason behind this. Most B2B businesses do not understand the pros of setting up a landing page. Some just overload the few pages they have instead of creating pages to suit each offer or audience. Properly created landing pages do not just work well but lead to conversions and reconversions of visitors.

To make use landing pages as a marketer, all you would have to do is add a link of your landing page on other platforms that you are already use. For instance, you can add a link to your blog about a product, offering great content to your visitors if they click. From the page, you can request your visitor to fill in their email address to get more content from you. Your visitors will be glad for the extra information, and your business also gets a lead. 

With multiple landing pages, you can generate leads easily and build your customer base. Landing pages also give you a great place to put your offers nicely to your customers. It is also easy to get demographic information on your clients through the conversion form. 

The content strength of your marketing campaigns is also improved when included with the additional content contained in landing pages. You can also analyze the effectiveness of your strategy on landing pages. The engagement of your website visitors can be gauged using landing pages. 

Kaboom!!! The Holy Grail Of A2P SMS and Landing Pages In Increasing Your Audience Reach and Conversions

A skillful and knowledgeable digital marketer understands the usefulness of combining marketing strategies across various marketing tools. Marketers can boost their blog, for instance, by adding a  link to the blog on social media. These strategies help to increase visitors and eventually, conversions. 

A2P SMS and Landing pages are a yet unexplored mix for marketers. However, this strategy is sure to help increase audience reach and conversions. Landing pages are proven to be great for conversions, and with A2P SMS, no audience cannot be reached. This is how it would work. 

You mostly already have your customers’ phone numbers. That is all you would need to start your SMS campaign. Once the phone number is verified to be valid, you can send bulk SMS with good content, inviting your customers to go through your landing page link. 

At the landing page, your customers fill the lead-capture form and conversion is made. You can follow up by using the details on the conversion form to send another SMS to thank your customer or even invite them to do more with directions to another landing page. 

Not only is this strategy quite cheap, but it is also reliable for reaching a vast audience. There are no applications to aid you in mixing these two marketing strategies, but we might soon bring one to you. Your business conversions and audience engagement will 


Most businesses are either not using A2P SMS and landing pages or grossly underutilized them. This does not diminish the value that can be found in these marketing tools individually. However, the combination of both strategies is sure to give explosive results. 

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