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7 Benefits of SMS Marketing for Businesses


SMS remains the most popular phone application, proving it’s far from being outdated. It’s also an undervalued marketing gold mine that’s waiting to be discovered. The perfect time to begin using it as one of your company’s marketing strategies is now while it’s yet to become a mainstream trend. There are several benefits your venture will be at the helm of when utilizing SMS marketing as a marketing tactic:

1.    SMS Marketing is Highly Targeted.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Social media, blogs, TV ads, billboards…each has their own purpose and are effective for unique reasons but one common flaw among them is the “hit and miss.” While digital media enables better targeting through built-in web features or techniques like incorporating keywords, there’s no assurance your message reaches your intended audience.

One scenario is you know your target market opens their Instagram between 9 AM – 11 AM but that’s a two-hour window when you’re competing with posts from others they’re following. They may or may not scroll down far enough on their News Feed to see yours, especially if they don’t follow their normal routine that day. A text message, on the other hand, is sure to be received even if they happen to pass through an underground tunnel or get on an elevator.

2.    SMS Marketing Has the Highest Open Rates Compared to Email and Social Media.

Bulk SMS Marketing

According to research, 98% of text messages are read. Most people can’t resist opening a text message, compared to an email. Stories of having hundreds to thousands of unread emails are common but the exact opposite is the norm for SMS.

Because it’s more direct, a text feels more important and urgent than email does, making it a preferred method of correspondence. This one-on-one medium carries more weight as well as familiarity in just 160 characters. Surprisingly, even a Rich SMS would require less effort than a lengthy and graphics-intensive email marketing campaign while yielding better results.

3.    SMS Marketing Feels More Personal.

SMS Marketing Feels More Personal.

People guard their personal numbers more than they do their email addresses. Knowledge is limited to family, close friends, and workmates. When your customer gives you their cellphone number, whether personal or work, it’s a subtle way of showing trust. They value the information you have to offer.

SMS also creates an impression of better accessibility. Don’t you feel better when you have the mobile number of your therapist or doctor rather than just an email? That’s how customers would feel about having the same direct contact with your company. If you want to create a bond with your target audience, it’s essential to communicate with them through this channel.

4.    There’s Almost No Competition Here.

It’s a highly underused method. Unlike in email where you’re competing with tons of other newsletters your customers opted into, they receive much fewer texts from brands in a day. Only a few companies have recognized its potential and only companies that have cultivated relationships with their customers to be relied upon with their mobile numbers.

Do you know if your competitors are marketing via SMS? This could be an added competitive edge to your business and an early lead would give better chances of market loyalty. If you’re not an early adopter in your industry, you’ll still garner satisfying results when done right.

5.    There’s No Worry About Going Into Spam.

Spam email makes up for more than half of email traffic. Even if the consumer signed up to receive content from you, there’s no guarantee your communications won’t end up in this folder. There are only best practices to follow, and not all may be helpful to the company’s needs and consumers’ tastes.

It’s what all email marketers dread because it’s hard to get back into the Inbox once you do. However, SMS marketers don’t concern themselves with it because there’s no filtering for text messages unless your customer decides to block your number.

6.    SMS Texts are Read Immediately.

SMS Marketing

90% of SMS messages are read within the first 3 minutes after receipt. It’s especially useful for time-sensitive content such as announcements about sales, the release of new merchandise, and information about events. Well-written and beautifully designed marketing materials only matter when they deliver results.

For example, an airline corporation offering a limited number of seats at reduced prices would have a higher possibility of speedy purchases via SMS. A restaurant would ideally announce special deals for employees minutes before lunch hour if they send bulk SMS. Bands holding surprise concerts would quickly gather a crowd from sending texts to their loyal fans an hour or two before the show begins.


7.   SMS Can Be Sent in Bulk.

A business can send a text to a large pool of customers minutes before a special offer, event or new release happens which, combined with the high open rates, increases engagement and, in turn, drives high traffic. Few channels have the capability to send in bulk and share the several benefits we mentioned, particularly the level of targeting, feel personal, and have more than satisfactory open rates.

For example, the traditional snail mail is highly targeted and can be sent in bulk but somehow feels less personal and is more likely to end up in the junk pile before they even open it. We’re seeing the same happening to their virtual counterpart, emails. It’s not likely to happen with SMS because it’s underutilized and consumers are more careful about sharing their mobile numbers than their email addresses.


With news of innovation for SMS coming, we can only expect these benefits to increase as businesses create more engaging content. Start using SMS marketing to position yourselves as the head in your market and experience the full benefits. For quality SMS services, partner with a tech firm offering easy-to-use sophisticated platforms to fit your needs. Give us a call.

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What You Need to Know About RCS Messaging

RCS Messaging-01-2 (1)

The SMS feature is one of the oldest and somehow remains mostly the same as it was first known with only superficial changes like design and layout. With all of the innovation on mobile phones since the first one was invented, text hasn’t caught up but still remains one of the most popular applications. However, many users are switching to chat apps which offer more robust features and allow for more fluid interaction.

Tech companies are looking to revamp traditional text messaging in response to this shift. As a result, they’ve come up with RCS messaging.

What is RCS Messaging?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging brings the aspects of other communication platforms, such as Messenger and iMessage into one. It addresses the several weaknesses of SMS, aiming to replace it.

SMS or text messaging was conceptualized in 1982 but was only able to function a decade later. It works by sending texts, each 160-characters long, through a system of network signaling. After Apple released the first smartphone, text exchanges resembled a conversation more with the use of speech bubbles. Eventually, a standard layout was adopted with the messages sent on the right, and the messages received on the left.

That was the full extent of its development. Apple went to produce its own form of text messaging called, “iMessage,” exclusively for iPhones, leaving SMS dragging behind. Meanwhile, chat applications like WhatsApp are gaining popularity and increasing in number. RCS takes the most sought-after capabilities of these into what Google is now calling, Chat.

It shows read receipts, has group chat messaging and indicates when the other person is typing. Users can also send files, stickers, and GIFs. Chat will run on data connection and can run on Android, Google, Microsoft and iOS but Apple hasn’t released a statement on whether or not it would support Chat. When communicating with a person who doesn’t have a Chat-capable device, messages would be sent as SMS by default.

Why Did it Take Soo Long to Roll Out RCS Messaging?

Despite the recent move to integrate it for public use recently, it’s not a new technology. The idea was first introduced in 2007 but it didn’t take off because there wasn’t a clear understanding of the costs and benefits. It was only in 2016 when the GSM Association, an organization of mobile operators, came up with the Universal Profile. It’s a set of standards that the industry had set for RCS, including its functions.

In 2017, GSMA released Version 2.0, which saw several additions, like spam protection and privacy control. They estimated RCS to be worth $74 billion by 2021. GSMA went on to create Version 2.1 later that same year and then Version 2.2 in early 2018, introducing chatbots. They work similarly to those on Facebook Messenger, complete with carousels and smart reply options.

Verizon began using a limited version of the software in a couple of its models but users have given it poor ratings. Simply getting access to it is complicated, discouraging other consumers from acquiring RCS. It seemed to come to another standstill until Google decided to take the helm of the roll-out just this year by redesigning and completely replacing what was being currently offered.

What can we expect from Google RCS Messaging?

Chat, as Google has named their RCS, will be preinstalled on the phone but won’t set it as the default app for sending messages. When contacting someone who’s using RCS, a prompt would instantly appear, asking the person whether they prefer to activate Google’s RCS messaging or not. Information exchange about whether the phone supports Chat or not would take place within the system.

Google’s representatives have openly mentioned their frustration with the pace of RCS so it’s safe to estimate we’ll be seeing distribution and improvements coming along much faster. Although there’s yet to be confirmation from Apple, it’s expected that iMessage will remain the default app.

More carriers, such as T-Mobile, are offering RCS messaging to their buyers but it hasn’t been necessarily served the goal of RCS messaging of being interactive messaging across devices. The industry is currently still muddy with some carriers using different versions of the Universal Profile and others not following the standards at all.

Encryption is also an issue because RCS doesn’t provide this service but companies say they simply erase messages stored in their servers. However, with an innovation powerhouse such as Google, it’s exciting to see what other changes might happen. Google has already included its RCS in their Pixel phones to the UK and France, guaranteeing that it would be a richer experience.

With a slew of features and a possibly simpler system on the rise, businesses can interact with customers better, and users will enjoy more seamless communication with their connections and brands.

If you want your company to get ahead of the competition, partner with a provider that understands your needs, your market, and the necessary technicalities in-between. Let’s discuss how our Messaging Gateways can help you get in touch better with your customers. Contact Us Today 

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SMS Marketing Services for Businesses to Save Expenses


There are many business expenses that you can actually pull down, as long as you know the best possible ways to do it. One of these big business costs is missed appointments, and you can surely decrease it using SMS marketing services.

The best SMS marketing messages can help you decrease the number of missed appointments by simply reminding invitees to come, or by compelling them to do so. That could greatly reduce wasted cash, time and effort on your end, especially on preparing for an appointment which people only miss.

Making people come can assure you of having the revenue or benefits you want, thus avoiding wasted expenses through the process.

Knowing How SMS marketing services can help your Business save Cash

One of the best ways for your business to save cash is by knowing how to reduce missed appointments, and that’s surely attainable with the help of a reliable SMS messaging platform. It can help you through these two possible ways:

Attract People to Come to the Scheduled Appointment

Sometimes, people think they don’t need your services, products or some other offers anymore. Thus, they don’t think it’s necessary to meet with you.

Of course, you can’t simply let it pass, without doing your part on luring them to actually come. And that’s a basic marketing principle. `

That’s when SMS marketing platforms could help you.

It could help you craft customized SMS messages that could make people come to your scheduled appointment. The best SMS marketing services could be incorporated with your superb copywriting techniques so you can increase the chances of people to meet with you.

Simply Remind People about the Schedule

There are many instances when people really want to meet with you, but they forget about it or they’ve gone too busy during the day. Thus, you can consider choosing between SMS marketing free or paid services, which could help you send reminders to your invitees before the appointment.

This way, you can easily remind them about the time, date and venue of your appointment, helping them to adjust their schedule for it. This could also make them feel that you really expect them to come, thus triggering their courtesy to meet with you.

In addition, that could also give them a good chance of informing you if they couldn’t make it, so you can cancel your preparation and avoid doing further expenses.  

Find a reliable SMS marketing services for your Business now!

You want to have these advantages for your business so you can save significant expenses. Thus, you should look through some SMS marketing examples, and see which one fit your needs best.

That could help you find a reliable platform that you can use. Moreover, know about some features and deals as well so you can make sure of having one that favors you.

Do you want to reduce expenses from missed appointments? Visit, and check out the best SMS marketing services! Compel people to meet with you, or simply remind them about the schedule ahead of time.

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