The 16 Best Free Apps that will help you stick to your 2018 resolutions

2018 is here and this is the time of the year when you commit to take the best resolutions that will make you become a ‘better you”. This genuine intention is exciting but can also become a burden that you don’t feel able to complete by yourself. Studies showed for example that 50% of people joining a gym in January are likely to abandon within the first 6 months of the year. No worries, we got your back. Whatever your 2018 goal is, there is a free app to help you stick to it.

1.     Lose weight / Exercise more / Eat healthy

One of the recurring New Year resolutions is either to lose weight, to exercise more or to eat healthier which are quite related to each other.

ZOMBIE RUN GAME (iOS and Android)

Here is the app you need to add some fun to your running session. Imagine you are in the middle of a zombie invasion and you have to save your life as well as others. Motivating, right?

CHARITY MILES (iOS and Android)

Here is a great way to hit two birds with one stone. Charity miles allows you to walk, bike or run with a purpose. Each step you make will help the charity of your choice. This allows you to make your body and heart healthy!

CharityMiles App

MY FITNESS PAL (iOS and Android)

MyFitnessPal tracks the calories you are eating with a database of over 6 million food choices.

MyFitnessPal app

FOODUCATE (iOS and Android)

As eating healthy is part of the package to lose weight, Fooducate will provide awareness on your food intake, calorie count and give you diet tips from experts. The app boasts of being the best nutrition and health tracker. Give it a try and let us know!

Fooducate app

2.     Save money

MINT (iOS and Android)

This app helps you manage and track all your finances in one place: bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments. It has been around in the market for a while now and has had a quite a few good reviews, perhaps it will help you as well?

Mint app

3.     Stop smoking


Finding the right support and motivation are essential tools to quit smoking. MyQuit Coach will help you want to quit at once or smoothly cut down the number of cigarettes taken in a day. It tracks your smoking and cravings, analyse your progress, provide community support and goal-based achievements. Android users can use Quit Smoking for the same purpose.

app to quit smoking

4.     Be more eco-friendly

OROECO (iOS and Android)

Oroeco connects your daily life actions to climate change and helps you take the right decisions. Fun, easy and rewarding for everyone willing to make a change.

Oroeco app

GONUTSS (iOS and Android)

If one of your goals is to become a vegan, GoNutss will help you find alternatives to non-vegan food such as eggs, meat, milk—this will surely be a hit with health-buffs!

Gonutss vegan app

5.     Be organized

EVERNOTE (iOS and Android)

Organize your life and put everything in there: checklists, reminders, events, agendas, notes in all kind of format. Evernote is one of the popular apps few years back, and it seems to have maintained its industry status gaining steady followership.

6.     Read more

POCKET (iOS and Android)

With the Pocket app, you can save the articles (but also the videos) that you want to read later on and even improve your reading experience with a distraction-free and customizable layout.

Pocket app

7.     Learn a new language

DUOLINGO (iOS and Android)

Learning a language has never been this fun! Duolingo offers speaking, reading, writing and listening lessons for 20+ languages from Spanish, French to Korean. You will easily get hooked to this app—you earn points as you master a few new words and allows you to unlock premium features as you get each stage correctly.

8.     Learn how to play an instrument

YOUSICIAN (iOS and Android, free with Premium features)

Yousician app listens to you playing with a real instrument (guitar, piano, bass or ukulele) and gives feedback on your performance and step-by-step tutorials that fits your level. It’s like having a music teacher in your phone!

SIMPLY PIANO By JoyTunes (iOS and Android, free with Premium features)

This app also gives feedback while you are playing but it will also turn your screen in keyboard if you don’t have a piano yet. Nifty!

SimplyPiano App

9.     Find a better job

LINKEDIN (iOS and Android)

You’ve most probably heard about LinkedIn before but you may never have done the effort to register. Well, it’s about time you do it as it is the best way to connect with your network, create new professional contacts and look for a new job, it would be a shame to not give yourself the opportunity to land your dream job!

LinkedIn app

GLASSDOOR (iOS and Android)

Glassdoor not only gives you job listings. It also allows you to see the salaries and benefits of the company as well as reviews and typical interview questions given by the employees themselves. You can also follow the companies you are interested in and get their last updates.

Glassdoor job app

10. Take care of your wellness

SMILING MIND (iOS and Android)

Being physically healthy is important—and so is mental health. Smiling Mind shows the way to mindfulness and meditation with modern modules and programs made by experts and adapted to all ages.

SmilingMind App

SLEEP CYCLE (iOS and Android, free with Premium features)

While putting your phone close to your bed or on the floor, Sleep Cycle analyses your sleep and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase. A great way to get up rested.

SleepCycle App

For this article, we selected the best apps based on the writer’s perspective.  Though surely, we might have missed free apps that help you in keeping your 2018 goals intact and moving. Tell us about it in the comments section!

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