5 Trending VR Games for Mobile You Want to Try

VR Games for Mobile– The gaming trends are undergoing evolution with each passing day and the revelation of new technologies is revolutionizing the arena. The idea of Virtual Reality (VR) surfaced merely a year ago and now this technology has made its mark in each and every domain of technology. Gaming has also been transformed through VR and the latest wearables are providing a mind-blowing gaming experience. Here is a review of some of the top VR games that are compliant with Android phones and can be experienced via Google Cardboard.

A Reality that is Virtual? Weird!

Virtual usually refers to something near and reality is what we are actually practicing. So the term virtual reality gives an idea of experiencing an environment that is very much closer to reality, but of course, it’s not actually real. It just gives a vague notion of reality and the user feels as if he is actually going through the situation. But still, it’s just a feeling that overwhelms the user. VR depends upon, to a great extent, your sense of balance and utilizes your body gestures for progression. You can practically feel yourself inside the simulated environment. Several VR devices (headsets) are available to provide you FPV (first person view) of the virtual environment. VR is simply a reflection of the real-world environment.

VR Games Available at Play Store

InMind – enter the Microworld

InMind is an adventurous hunting game that sets you on a mission to enter the patient’s brain and destroy the neurons causing brain malfunctioning. The graphics are simply mind-boggling. You won’t be able to resist laying your hands on the game and once you start, there’s no stopping.

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Image Source: Google PlayStore

As the game begins, you will feel yourself traveling inside the human brain with a wide network of neurons snaking through the entire brain. As you progress slowly, you have to target the red neurons that are causing the disorder. Since you have to take a shot while moving, so you have to be quite focused and vigilant. When you stare at the neurons, a loading notification appears on the screen for 2-3 seconds and then it fires the streak over the neurons. These streaks simply crush the red neurons that ultimately turn green, indicating a successful strike. Sometimes you even come across neurons that are causing the disorder in a chain reaction. The bot keeps bucking you up throughout your journey to keep you motivated. The mind-blowing visuals, along with the killing sound effects, totally takes over your mind and you will feel as you have actually submerged into a human mind. As you move towards the end, the bot notifies that “The Defected Neurons have been Pacified” and rates your performance.

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Image Source: wisemonkeygames


InMind is a great addition to the bucket and analysts are of the view that such games would be a great source of healthcare education in near future to understand the neuronal patterns inside a human brain. This game has got excellent reviews and is rated 4.2 on PlayStore. You can install this game HERE for FREE! So go on and enter the Microworld.

Hidden Temple – a Treasure Hunt

Hidden Temple is kind of a treasure hunt where you will find yourself inside an Egyptian tomb that hides gold and other treasures. You have to discover the hidden secrets and find a way that will lead you outside the tomb. This game has no scary visuals or characters so it’s a kid-friendly game; however, there are hanging bats, chains and bones to provide a real world experience. But again, it’s not frightening at all.

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Image Source: handy-games

When you enter the game, a pop-up menu drops. When you click New Game, it further asks for working in VR-Mode. When viewing the menu at the first sight, it may cross your mind that it’s a 2D game but as the game initiates, you will find yourself standing in a garden surrounded by trees. You can turn around to experience the 3D graphics. As you proceed further, you find a rope that’s hanging inside a tomb. When you take the rope to enter the tomb, the bot notifies you that the rope has been snapped and you cannot climb back. So here your hunt begins. The bot keeps on indicating survival tips to gain gold and find your way out. It’s kind of a riddle where you have to focus on the clues to pave your path. When you have to collect an item or open a vault, you have to focus your cursor at it. Sometimes you have to turn back and even lean a little to open your inventory and discover other slots. At times, it might be uncomfortable. You possess an item bag that keeps your discoveries and you can use the items by looking down at it.

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Image Source: apkmen

The rooms are 4-5 feet high but the graphics are outstanding. The dusty environment, ruins, and the lanterns make the experience quite realistic and you feel as if you have actually jumped into your past. After 90 minutes of hunting, you again come out in a garden where you find other cascades to be revealed. This game has got much appreciation and is rated 4.3 on PlayStore. You can download Hidden Temple HERE for almost $4. So go on, discover the undiscovered and make your way out.


Cosmic Roller Coaster – travel through the Space

This is one of the top-notch games available for VR cardboard. It’s a bit more exciting than the other Roller Coaster game available at PlayStore. You are not just riding a typical coaster, instead, you are wandering in space, discovering new galaxies, reaching other planets and entering the black holes. There is no physical track for the coaster, instead, some imaginary arrows indicate the path.

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Image Source: Google PlayStore

When you enter the game, a bluish Welcome Screen appears that notifies you to start the game. The next moment, you find yourself in space, with thousands of stars surrounding you. You are completely stunned by the graphics and artwork. You come across several planets, enter different galaxies and view the satellites orbiting the planets. Passing the planets very closely at a fast pace provides a real-life experience. The graphics are simply astonishing. It appears as if you are speeding through the air at a very fast pace, though there is no air in space, giving you an adrenaline rush. The speed of the coaster is pre-adjusted so that the rider can easily see the side views and it is slowed down a little when you are looking sideways.

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Image Source: Youtube

The impact of sounds make this game extremely remarkable. The background music is much similar to the one we heard in Inception (Time). It appears as if you are playing with gravity, crossing the limits and going beyond time. The vibrations are adjusted in accordance to the visuals so you can experience a better ride. This game can be used for educational purposes like revealing the solar system in depth. Cosmic Roller Coaster has been rated 4.0 on PlayStore and you can download it HERE for free. So go on and roll it.


Proton Pulse – a 3D Ping-Pong

Ok, this game is very much similar to that Ping-Pong game that you used to play in your childhood. But Proton Pulse works in 3D. The mission of this game is to destroy a character named M.O.A.I that has entered the world. A proton has somehow managed to escape from his territory and now you possess that proton. Now the fate of the world is in your hands and you have to use that proton to destroy M.O.A.I by hitting him in the core. The game features 50 levels and the levels are labeled as World 1, World 2 and so on.

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Image Source: Google PlayStore

When you enter the game, a visual appears that notifies you as the only survivor to save the world. The entire assembly is placed inside an atom’s walls. When the game begins, you experience a transparent shield (or you may call it the striker) that is placed just in front of you and some colored rectangular objects placed behind that transparent screen. A neon ball strikes your screen and is reflected back to the objects. The graphics are awesome especially the neon ball that leaves a glowing trail behind it. You can turn your head around to hit the ball at a different angle. The ball prevails its path depending upon the angle of incidence. You have to target the colored objects first to hit the core. Once you are done with all the objects, the game enters the next level. Your level and score are visible at the bottom of the arena.

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Image Source: Youtube

The sound impacts are also amazing. Whenever the ball hits the walls or the screen, a pounding sound is heard. This game has got one of the highest ratings on PlayStore i.e. 4.3. You can download and install this game HERE for just $2. So go on and hit the proton.


End Space – the Star Wars

It’s kind of a warfare game where you are riding a spaceship and wandering in space. You have to tackle the waves of the enemies and use your cannons to destroy the enemy’s spaceships. This is basically a shooting game that is designed for the combat lovers. You can view the planets and stars surrounding you by looking sideways. This game might use a controller for firing or triggering.

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Image Source: Google PlayStore

When you enter the battle-field, you find yourself inside a spaceship and a visual greets you. When your game starts, the bot notifies you to be prepared for jumping in 3 seconds. And the next moment, the war begins! A screen appears in front of you that has some controls on its sides, indicating as if you are really riding a spaceship. You wander in the space and encounter the enemy approaching you. You have to target their spaceship by triggering the controller. The enemy’s ship is highlighted as you approach it. However, you have to mind the counter attack and the canons being fired from the enemy’s end. The graphics, what they call triple AAA graphics, makes you feel as if you are zooming into the space. Remember that you have to take care of the asteroids as they approach so quickly, and until you notice them, they crash into your head.

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Image Source: Youtube

Thanks to the developer that you get energy refill off and on that boosts your energy level to survive the game. The bot keeps alarming you for the dangers just as low energy, shield failure etc. The background track is remarkable and gives you feeling of a much-tensed situation. Of course, the situation is tensed. This game has got extremely remarkable appreciation and is rated 4.4 on PlayStore. You can download and install End Space HERE for just $1.1. So go on and make your strike.


Virtual Reality has conquered and replaced many devices and there is still much more to come. Nowadays, entire VR Gaming Zones are being developed where players can interact with each other with a better interface and graphics. The revelation of new technologies is reforming the future of gaming.

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