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Advancements in technology have revolutionized the business sector. There was a time when data was recorded manually, and logs were maintained in diaries. But now, business owners are integrating technology with their conventional data systems at It provides a better monitoring of the economy flow. One of those advancements it’s the POS.

What is POS?

The hunger for technology acquisition has given birth to POS, the Point of Sale System. POS is basically a master-slave monitoring system where several devices are synchronized with each other for sale/purchase control. There is a main server that behaves as the master and has the record of the entire stock in the store. Other systems contribute as a slave and update the primary system by registering the sale and purchase through the shop.

Several peripherals are attached with each system like barcode scanners, credit card machines, and receipt printer, etc. to aid the process. Whenever a customer buys an item, the barcode scanner scans the code and adds the item to the cart. The same product gets canceled from the product stock. As soon the customer enlists all the goods to be purchased, the final bill is shown on the screen.

When the credit card is swiped, the cash draw opens itself, and as the draw is closed, the customer’s cart gets empty again. Payments can be made even by just holding the credit card at the check-outs. The amount is automatically fed the main account. POS is remarkably contributing towards developing a cashless society.

POS for Retailers

If you are a retailer and you lack a POS, then you are really digging your own grave. POS takes the headache and does all the computation itself. You don’t need to record your sale/purchase manually. You are regularly updated that how much you have moved and how much you need. You can also see the repeated customers and your top clients.

Your buyers can pre-order the things online that will boost your sales. By looking at the previous logs, you can know which product is making its mark and which stores are rocking the market. Even employee’s entry and exit time are fed to the system, and you can monitor the entire activities of the shop through the internet.

POS has been revolutionizing Malaysia for the past few years, and retailers are absorbing this system to grow their businesses. Above all, it is time-saving. Here is a review of a few leading POS system providers in Malaysia and the services they provide.


StoreHub is a POS provider that is headquartered in Petaling Jaya. It provides its services around the globe featuring payments at grocery stores, cafes, food spots, hair salons, and boutiques. Under the tagline “Retail Made Easy,” StoreHub is rocking the inventory and store management systems worldwide.

Real Time Reports enable the employers to have a deep insight of the current sale/purchase situation. One can easily observe the running stream and know which branch of his chain is maximizing the profit. The Offline Protection mode keeps the store running and makes sure that none of the data is lost in case the internet goes down. Inventory Management system automatically updates the addition or removal of stock from the inventory and keeps its track in the cloud.

You can effectively manage your staff and employees by providing them PIN-access for entering the server. One of the most startling features is the Drag and Drop iPad Layout. One can easily change the position of a product from one category to another by simple drag and drop method. StoreHub automatically synchronizes the position of the product on other iPads.

Customers can update their purchases on StoreHub by just telling their name and contact/email at the check-out, and it is all done. There is no need to wait in the long queues.

Epoint Systems

Epoint Systems is one of the leading POS provider in Malaysia that is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. The company was established in 2002 with a mission to provide impeccable IT services to enhance POS. Under the tagline “We make it POSsible,” Epoint aims to improve efficiency and productivity of businesses. Epoint provides POS services for retail merchandise, fine and casual dining, cafes and clubs.

Membership System delivers enhanced the customer experience by providing login essentials to the members. Inventory Control updates you regarding your balance stock and also suggests to acquire the particular stock based on your maximized sales. Recipe Costing System digests the ingredients and shows the costs and expenditures of the product. There is an Invoicing System that keeps the record of all the sale/purchase on hardcopy.

ES prepaid enables the customers to pay for their purchases through their phone bill. A simple SMS confirms your identity and the purchase is done. While ES Payphone scans a QR code through the smartphone and deducts the amount from the customer’s credit card. This is indeed a fabulous step towards growing cashless.

Numerous leading businesses are utilizing Epoint to maintain their POS system.

Inter-Register Communications (IRC)

IRC Systems is a subsidiary of IRC that was founded back in 1999. Under the tagline “Customer Satisfaction through Excellence,” IRC has been facilitating numerous clients through their hardware and software services.

For retail clients, Command Navigator monitors the sale/purchase, receiving’s, transfers and inventory record. It provides multi-price levels, auto stock code, criteria based offers and promotions, cost and location management. Inventory Management System efficiently manages the transfer of stock between the stores and the surplus accumulation.

The peripherals for retailers include the weighing scale, electronics shelf label, multimedia price checker, card reader, VSI link, barcode printer and computer polling unit.

Moreover, IRC also facilitates cafes, food spots, and restaurants for swift payments. IRC has introduced Cashless Cafeteria Management System that can synchronize several cashiers for receiving the payments. It provides receipt analysis, daily collection, cashier report, hourly report and counter collection summary.

POS Market

POS Market is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and is the largest POS service provider in Malaysia. It allows you to manage your multiple chain stores with a single inventory. It keeps itself updated with the online database and issues notifications and alerts.

POS Order Station is a very powerful tool for restaurants and cafes. The waiter can check the receipt status, whether is paid or unpaid. The system syncs several printers to print receipts of different formats. POS Market enables the customers to pay through their prepaid card by acquiring the membership.

Kitchen Queue Management System serves the food outlets and restaurants. The managers can view the ordered food, chefs can keep an eye on the prepared food and waiters can catch the food ready to be served. If the online server goes down, POS keeps its record in a local folder that is sync with the online server later on.

HRM System enables the employees to enter and leave the workplace by either swiping the magnetic card or providing the thumb impression. The system marks the attendance of the employees at check-ins and updates the sheet regularly. Inventory Control provides two options to the store managers, either keeping POS and inventory database on a single control or standalone inventory control. In both cases, the system keeps itself updated.


POS is storming the markets nowadays with its powerful tools. Integrating your store with a computational setup enhances the sales of your business that ultimately affects the economy of the state.

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